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How fashionable to live in Tel Aviv: black and white apartment, like a nightclub -


This apartment is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Here everything is literally put on its head

At first glance at this interior,Association with a trendy night club, but no, this is an apartment. To be precise, this is a two-story penthouse in which a family with two children lives happily.

The main task set before theArchitects, there was a clear separation of the children's and adult areas. In terms of design, the difference is obvious, but ambiguous. "Adult part" is presented in the form of a modern minimalistic loft with concrete, polished wood and a black and white palette. Opinion of the editor: Pay attention to how the walls and ceiling are trimmed here: it's just concrete from under the formwork. Looks very stylish.

However, for all brutality and earthinessThere is in this apartment the moment of the game and even the illusion. The staircase between the floors seems unreal, almost transparent and somehow fabulous. One fact that it goes into the wall is worth it! And fasteners, similar to strings, do not inspire confidence. However, this is a full-fledged, strong and functioning ladder.

In addition to the strange ladder "adult part" surprised us with an original approach to the design of public areas - a long row of bar stools in the kitchen and a L-shaped shop in an absolutely empty living room.

Let's move to the nursery. Here we see a well thought out and verified to a centimeter space, where everything is logical, constructive and extremely functional. Each shelf, niche and box have a clear and, apparently, an unchanging task.

This approach to designing a family interiorWe meet for the first time, most likely, the idea of ​​the space of authors was prompted by impressions from communication with the owners. Something tells us - these are very interesting people.