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How to stylishly decorate a white interior: tips on a real example

Many of you probably think that whitethe interior is boring and can not be diversified. But is it? Today we will tell you how you can decorate an apartment in white so that it really looks spectacular. White color is beautiful. And it's not boring at all, as it perfectly fits with any other, favorably highlighting it against its background. However, you can see for yourself by looking at what happened to the famous blogger, the author of the portal M Loves M Mara Ferreira (Mara Ferreira). Mara Ferreira (Mara Ferreira) Born in Los Angeles, California, where she now lives. The author of the blog M loves M. Always fond of design and fashion, but for several years she has devoted jurisprudence. But the dream came true - and now her life is full of creativity and creativity. Today Mara Ferreira not only conducts her blog in the style of life style, but also very successfully manifests herself as an interior designer, personal stylist and cook. Since Mara and her husband Matthew bought the house, she has never ceased to dream about how she will formalize it. To help herself, she chose the design company Studio McGee, which, according to Mary, not only professionally approaches the solution of tasks, but also corresponds to her inner sense of aesthetics. I found Shea McGee from Studio McGee through Instagram (thanks to you, the Internet!) And realized that she would be the perfect person to help translate my vision of reality into reality.

Mara Ferreira White color inthe interior of the house of Mary and Matthew is a great opportunity to create an airy image of the room. There is nothing superfluous, but there is no feeling of emptiness. So, the dining area is ideally set off by a dark floor and rather dark furniture. Black metal chairs, a wooden table and a black and white striped carpet create a complete picture. By the way, Mara Ferreira brought them from her husband's previous home. And these mirrors fit perfectly into the overall picture of the new interior. The recreation area also stands out prominently on the whitebackground due to the carpet of the color of the sea wave. In this corner you can feel yourself somewhere on the beach. And still there on the wall hang very unusual jewelry - another element of decor from Shi McGee. According to Mary, they give a certain femininity to the interior. Particular attention should be paid to blue pillows,scattered on a light sofa. They perfectly complement the idea with a carpet of the color of the sea wave, and the bright pink stripes on them give the interior a bit of daring. In general, the strips play an important role in the whole concept of this house. Take at least white shelves, which thanks to the shadows make the wall volumetric.

On a note:

  • Use white color in the interior, if you want to achieve a sense of airiness and lack of boundaries.
  • Dark floor and white walls look always profitable. On the one hand you are surrounded by transparent air, and on the other - you are firmly on your feet.
  • If you want to add accent to a white room - use colored decor elements. For example, pillows. They are able to decorate any single-colored interior, giving the room a special mood.
  • Of course, this is not all that Mara Ferreira did in her new home - the decor and several rooms have yet to be completed. So this is only the beginning!;; photo: Monica Wang