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From classic to loft:The interior of this three-room apartment has a place for a wide variety of styles. About how to persuade customers to make bold decisions and why any layout can be made even more convenient, says the author of the project - the head of the YES-designs studio Katya Stepanova A well-known Russian footballer and his family turned to Katya Stepanova, the head of the YES-designs design studio, with a request decorate an apartment in a classic style. In the process, the designer managed to persuade the customers to take a more creative approach, and as a result, a very cozy, warm and eclectic interior was created, not without classic elements. And how the work on the project went, we will tell you in this article. Ekaterina Stepanova, designer Founder and head of his own studio YD. She dreamed of becoming a designer from the age of 12 and already at 20 she began to decorate interiors. The first education - in the specialty "state and municipal administration" - received "for parents", then came the turn of courses, vocational education and training in Milan, in the segment of public interiors. Ekaterina herself says the following about her work: "I do interior design for people like me: young, modern, ambitious." Layout The original layout of the apartment was already quite comfortable: through lighting on two sides, spacious rooms of the correct shape and the absence of strange corners, which are often found in new houses. However, it also needed a competent revision: with the current layout, the living room was "composed" of two combined rooms, and the apartment was essentially a two-room apartment. The large hall also raised questions: of course, it created the proper sense of splendor, but at the same time it was absolutely ill-considered in practical terms. Due to the abundance of passages in the hallway, there was not a single wall left along which a wardrobe could be placed. A lot of useful space was also lost in the aisles between bedrooms and bathrooms. Taking into account the wishes of customers, the designer thought outNew layout in such a way that in the end it turned out to be a full-fledged apartment with three bedrooms and a combined bathroom. Also, in addition to the tasks set by the owners, the new layout allowed to achieve the following goals:

  • A dressing room for parents was organized;
  • In the hallway there is a space for the cupboard;
  • A small bathroom is increased due to the unnecessary area of ​​the hall.

Stylistics At the first meeting, customers clearlyoutlined their stylistic preferences: the interior should be classic. All of the presented references were also very "lush", but in a new modern house, the traditional classics would not be entirely appropriate. That is why Catherine decided to take a chance and offered the owners a "lightweight" version of the classic style: without excessive pomp, with white walls and eclectic elements. Hall The ceremonial hall is decorated in a calm andrestrained gray scale with an accent on the marble floor. To prevent the large wardrobe from “pressing”, it was made light, and tassels made of fringe on the handles were added as decorative elements. There was also a place for an additional cozy area, consisting of a console with a table lamp and a bright mirror. Also, the designer managed to fit into the interior an expensive detail for customers - an antique table clock. Living-dining room Interior of the public areabuilt on contrasts: in the living room there are absolutely white walls and dark chocolate parquet, laid out with a "herringbone", in - a light dining group against the background of curtains the color of coffee with milk. For this zone, Ekaterina specially selected “tasty” colors that would contribute to a pleasant meal with her family. The customers already had upholstered olive-colored leather furniture, so the design of the recreation area was built primarily around it. Kitchen The interior of the kitchen turned out to be elegant,restrained and as close as possible to the traditional classical style. For the countertop, the designer chose light marble, which echoes the flooring in the hall, and the olive backsplash matches the color of the furniture in the living room. In addition to the work surface, a small bar counter for morning coffee and quick snacks has also appeared in the kitchen area. Master bedroom Master bedroom colorsturned out to be quite complicated. There are white, brown and beige, as well as a whole range of trendy colors, from mint to turquoise. The abundance of blue accents is no coincidence: this color adjusts to rest and promotes falling asleep, so Catherine often uses it in the design of bedrooms. with a geometric print, as well as a fresco above the headboard, makes the interior more vibrant and fresh. Son's room Room for an adult sonturned out to be brutal, dynamic and the least classic of all. Here the designer deliberately played on the contrast of classical architectural elements - cornices, moldings on the walls, herringbone parquet flooring - and brutal loft furniture. An interesting element was a gray felt office chair, and the accent wall behind the headboard was stylized as graffiti using wallpaper. Children's room for a girl Children's room for a daughter Ekaterinadesigned in airy marshmallows, because the customers wanted the room in pink. To avoid banal associations, the designer chose candy shades and diluted them with white furniture. Thanks to this, the room does not look "cloying", but very fresh and light. A fresco with a mysterious forest and deer helps the child to be transported into a fantasy world. Bathroom As already mentioned, initiallya small bathroom was increased due to the area of ​​the corridor. The result is a fairly spacious bathroom with a full bathtub, shower and storage space. Catherine designed the bathroom in the contrast of deep plum color and. Ekaterina Stepanova, designer:- When starting to work on a project, I am always inspired, first of all, by the personality of the people who come to me, and I try to offer them an interior a little bolder than they imagined, as if “for growth”. This gives the owners the opportunity to live in an environment that will not only get bored soon, but will also develop their taste, which is very important. In this interior were used: Hall:

  • Closet - CorteZari (Italy);
  • Pouf - Cattelan Italia (Italy), model Bob;
  • Mirror - Antique Tiled Mirror (USA);
  • Mirror - Gianfranco Ferre (Italy);
  • Chest of drawers - MALERBA (Italy);
  • Chandelier - Patrizia Garganti (Italy), collection of Baga;
  • Doors - Barausse (Italy).

Living-dining room:

  • Armchair - CorteZari (Italy);
  • Floor lamp - Flos (Italy);
  • Chandelier - Currey & Company (USA), model Lillian Chandelier;
  • Pedestal - Artisan (Bosnia and Herzegovina);
  • Table - Merx (Ukraine);
  • Chairs - Baker (USA), model Ritz;
  • Sofa - Angelo Cappellini (Italy);
  • Doors - Barausse (Italy).


  • Kitchen - Neff Kitchens (Canada), model Dancing Maidens;
  • Lamp - Jeroen Verdaasdonk (Holland), model Centauri;
  • Chair bar - Eichholtz (Holland), model Lancaster;
  • Microwave oven - Küppersbusch (Germany);
  • Oven - Küppersbusch (Germany);
  • Refrigerator - Samsung (South Korea);
  • Washing and mixer - Blanco (Germany);
  • Hob - Gorenje (Slovenia).

Master bedroom:

  • Bed - Riva 1920 (Italy), model Natura 5;
  • Curbstone - Brevio Salotti (Italy);
  • Dressing table - Silvano Grifoni (Italy);
  • Table lamp - Ceramiche Dal Pra (Italy);
  • Bra - Odeon Light (Italy), Gemena series;
  • Chandelier - Il Paralume Marina (Italy);
  • Carpet - The Rug Company (Great Britain);
  • Mirror - Laura Ashley (Great Britain), model Meryl Mirror;
  • Doors - Barausse (Italy).

The son's room:

  • Wall-papers - Rebelwalls (Sweden);
  • Wardrobe - Tomasella (Italy), the Medea collection;
  • Carpet - Arte Espina (Holland);
  • Pedestal - FM Bottega d'Arte (Italy);
  • Chair - De Vorm (Holland);
  • Bed - Ho ff (Russia);
  • Doors - Barausse (Italy).

Baby for the girl:

  • Shelving - Eichholtz Holland), model Cabinet Dome;
  • Chair - DV Homecollection (Italy);
  • Wall lamp - IKEA (Sweden);
  • Canopy - Giusti Portos (Italy), model Duchessa;
  • Carpet - Esprit (USA);
  • Pouf - "Architecture" (Russia);
  • Chandelier - Blitz (Germany);
  • Cabinet - Fadome (Poland), model Glamor szafa;
  • Doors - Barausse (Italy).


  • Bath - Recor Slipper (Portugal);
  • Shower cabin - Jacuzzi (Italy);
  • Toilet seat - Kerasan (Italy), Retro collection;
  • Towel warmer - "Warmmann" (Russia);
  • Cupboard with sink - Eurodesign (Italy), collection Ti ff any;
  • Bra - Reccagni Angelo (Italy);
  • Ceiling lamp - Arte Lamp (Italy);
  • Spotlight - Aledo (Russia);
  • A mirror in a baguette - Postermarket (Russia), model "Vitoria";
  • Doors - Barausse (Italy).