Apartments up to 45 sq.m.

How a competent layout solves the problems of a small apartment: a real example


How to plan a small studio toseemed more spacious and really comfortable? Is it possible to create a place for solitude in it? Where to store all things? Today we will help you deal with these questions using a real example. This project was created for a 27-year-old young man, a business owner. He wanted to create a cozy, functional space where not only noisy parties could be held, but also comfortable evenings. He had his own ideas about the ideal home, but whether the designers from Leo Company succeeded in bringing them to life - now we'll see! Elena Koroleva, designer Founder and CEO of Leo Company. Leo Company is a professional team of architects, designers, engineers and builders united by one goal - to create an exquisite and comfortable interior, while emphasizing the individuality of each home.

Features of redevelopment

If we talk about redevelopment, then there wereMinimal changes were made, as designers wanted to keep the open space as much as possible. The only partition was demolished, and the bedroom zone and the bathroom had to be separated further.

Minimalism with character

There were no problems with the choice of style.Young people most often prefer where functionality comes first and there is nothing superfluous. And even in a small apartment, this is a very competent decision, because a large amount of furniture splits up the space and makes it more cramped. It is worth noting in this interior the deep one, which occupies an important place here. Why he? It's simple - this shade best reflects the character and independence of the apartment owner. In addition to gray, the classic and proven pair of white + black was taken as a basis, and blue and yellow colors are diluted as bright accents. Elena Koroleva, designer and founder of Leo Company: - Due to the contrast of black walls, a gray ceiling, a white box with lighting around the perimeter and bright accents (blue panels and a sofa, a yellow table), we managed to achieve a visual expansion of the space.

A place for solitude

A cozy bed always requires privacy, andEven in a studio apartment, you can solve this problem. The bedroom will turn into a separate room, if you use sliding doors, as was done in this project. At any time you can hide from prying eyes, and when the doors are not closed, the studio looks more spacious and does not feel closed space.

Competent organization of storage

When the space is small, it is important to competentlyorganize storage of things. This apartment has two wardrobes. One of them is at the entrance (white door) and is used for outerwear and shoes. The second one is built in the bedroom, it can even be called a mini-dressing room, it was made according to the company's sketches. Initially, the designers considered the option of a corner cabinet, but in order to save precious space, they nevertheless decided to abandon such an idea. The standard sliding doors have been replaced with a curtain, making this wardrobe even more stylish and exclusive.


Throughout the perimeter of the apartment were builtSpot lights from the company Modular, this eliminated the need to illuminate the living room and bedroom chandeliers. In addition, in the lobby there is a pendant lamp, and in the bathroom you can see a small wall lamp above the mirror.

Materials, Brands and Finishing

Living room-kitchen:

  • Ceramic tiles - Greestyle, Nero Bianco collection;
  • Sofa and coffee table made to order according to sketches of designers;
  • Kitchen table-transformer, kitchen set with a window sill made to order according to sketches of designers;
  • Functional lighting - the company Modular;
  • Cork - company Intek.


  • Built-in wardrobe made to order according to the sketches of designers;
  • Functional lighting - the company Modular;
  • Cork - company Intek.

Other rooms:

  • Sink - Axor brand, Massaud series;
  • Ceramic tiles in the bathroom - the Porcelanosa factory, the Ruggine collection;
  • Plumbing - the Italian factory Catalano;
  • Lighting - the company Modular;
  • Ceramic tiles in the hall - Greestyle, a collection of Decor Bianco.

Elena Koroleva, designer and founder of Leo Company:- The main difficulty was in the layout: in a very small space it was necessary to fit everything necessary for life, including the screen for the projector. A rather difficult situation was with the color scheme, it was important not to make the apartment very gloomy and boring. Allocation of the bedroom into a separate zone (room) required a lot of constructive solutions, in the final version, we settled on sliding doors. The terms of the project were very tight - 1 month, construction and finishing work lasted 4 months. But, despite all the difficulties, both we and the customer were very pleased with the result. As they say, nothing is impossible!

Tips for organizing a small apartment from Elena Koroleva:

  • Free planning will help to make a flat with a small area perfect and comfortable housing. It will allow maximum use of the entire area of ​​the apartment, avoiding the appearance of "dead" zones.
  • If the color of the walls is neutral, then definitely need bright accents (table, pouf or sofa). With the size of furniture, the main thing is not to overdo it, it should be compact and functional.
  • Give preference to sliding partitions instead of stationary ones and change the swing doors to sliding doors. Functionality does not change, but there is a visual effect of increasing space.
  • Use the corners of rooms for built-in furniture orMini walk-in closets. In our project, the kitchen set is compactly located along the wall and includes all the functionality of the kitchen (built-in refrigerator, stove, sink, dishwasher and storage space).
  • Creating niches in the walls will help to use additional space. We had a completely redesigned window sill to organize storage space.