The interior of a small balcony

How to “ennoble” a small balcony - photos and examples

In every apartment or house, you mustbe a balcony room. Most often, the small size is a clear plus of such a place. But it is necessary to use this space correctly, because even with its small size, it should be useful for the owner. There are a couple of helpful tips,. Each of the proposals can also be applied in order to give the entire interior of the apartment a new color. After you take advantage of the wishes, then in the end you will be able to enjoy your time in the renewed territory with leanness.

1. Selection of the right furniture

In order to save your space,need to use only compact elements. When choosing, one should consider not only compactness, but also their convenience. The best solution would be to buy a garden-dacha option, this furniture can easily and quickly be formed, and if necessary, you can move it to another room in a short period of time. When it rains or begins to freeze, it can be removed, and at the same time it will not disturb anyone.

2. Create a comfortable environment.

For this great to use a lotthe number of different parts, they will make the interior very beautiful and comfortable. You can use everything, as long as there is a fantasy. On the chair it is best to place the pillows, various warm rugs, and colored rugs on the floor. All these small, but very important elements will help you get maximum relaxation, while spending time in a newly equipped veranda.

3. Green corner in the annex

To do this, place a few plants that will help you create a pleasant atmosphere, as well as give freshness that should be on any balcony.

4. Accessories

When choosing accessories you need to consider where they will be placed. The best solution would be to buy a folding table, because with the right moment it can be quickly removed. When setting up your small veranda, you should take into account not only its size, but also your own wishes, because the choice of all things will depend solely on you.