How to organize the storage of recipes: 5 best ways -

Your cookbook is scattered sheets with oil stains and dried crystals of protein? We are already rushing to you with a list of five ideal ways to organize recipes

Love of cooking involves a number ofadditional skills, in particular, the propensity to the competent organization of the space around them. After all, without the appropriate skill, you risk one day to wake up under the ruins of dishes and cans of spices.

In this regard, special attention should be paid tothe issue of convenient storage of a collection of culinary recipes. We have identified five main ways, among which you will surely find the most convenient for yourself. 1. Classics

So, you prefer to do it the old fashioned way. So to speak, according to the behest of ancestors. Closing pages with clippings from newspapers and magazines, concurrently emphasizing and outlining important points, of course, is entertaining, but we propose to build this process into the rank of a creative act. Buy a beautiful album with thick pages on rings, pick up decorative elements in the form of stickers, mini-herbarium and thematic pictures, get thin sharp scissors - and forward, to comprehend the depths of the pre-culinary self-expression. If, of course, you have the time for this. 2. Card index

You are a very organized nature, who has everythingalways on the shelves and always in alphabetical order? Then immediately go to the stationery store and overstock with cardboard folders, labels and a suitably sized box. We paste labels into folders, draw alphabetic characters and start distributing recipes in accordance with the first letter of the section. 3. At once

You do not like platitudes and therefore neverrepeat. And the truth is, why cook day after day the same thing, when recipes around the world - thousands of millions, and life alone and not so long. We have a solution for you. A bar, a craft roll, a marker and a rubber band with screws. Fold this puzzle and get a brilliant and more than impressive way of writing a formula for a new dish. For cooks with poor eyesight is again a good option. 4. Foresight

Why each time to mix the same setingredients in the same proportion, if you can spend once three hours and nashtampovat cans with dry mixtures for pancakes, cakes, pies and cookies. On such banks, you can safely stick the recipes and the sequence of further manipulations. 5. The Electronic Age

You feel sorry for the ruined lives of billions of trees,from the wordless "bodies" of which paper is produced? Then you have already surely established an uninterrupted work of culinary software for your tablet. It's time to get a comfortable holder. True, most of them are wooden ... But you surely will be able to find an alternative.