How to use lincrusta in the interior: tips for pros -

Doing repairs and do not know what kind of finishing foris it better to use walls? Or just want to update the look of your home? Linkrust is an amazing finishing material! Our experts will tell you more about it and how to use it to create a stylish interior. Two weeks ago we opened and talked about its views. And today, designers Yulia Dudareva and Kira Vavakina will tell readers of about such an interesting finishing material as liquorrust. Our experts will give practical advice on creating an interior using linkrust, as well as tell you what decorative techniques for using this decorative material exist. Dudareva Yulia Has been working as a designer since 2005, graduated from the "Details" school, a showcase course at the MAHU named after 1905, trained at KLS, London. Participated in various design projects and held seminars. It is noteworthy that Julia read a seminar about linkrust at the popular English paint store Manders about three years ago. Linkrust Terms of Use

  • Linkcrust can not be left unattended for a long time (get it - glue), otherwise it begins to dry out and becomes brittle, which leads to problems with cutting and pasting.
  • Use only special glue to use this material.
  • The surface of the wall must first be treated with a primer (eg ceresite CT 17). It does not take much time, as it dries for 5-10 minutes.
  • Cut lincrusta by specialmarks on the substrate (cut with a wallpaper knife, tightly pressing a metal ruler). This allows you to keep the rapport of the finishing material. Also, you need to calculate the correct amount of lincrusta for gluing. The remaining trimming can be left for decoration (for example making photo frames or collages).
  • Before pasting (for 20-30 minutes), you need to moisten lincrust with warm water with a soft sponge.
  • It is necessary to remove excess moisture from lincrusta and apply glue with a brush (you can also apply glue directly to the wall).
  • To glue lincrust begin either from the plinth (from the bottom up) or from the molding (from top to bottom), pressing and straightening it with a rubber roller.
  • Joints are manually adjusted, and after drying they are shpatrokom shlatrok and polished fine sandpaper (№ 0).
  • Features of decor with linkrust PossibilitiesLinkrust decorations are truly endless. However, it is worth remembering that this material contains linseed oil, so not all paints are suitable for decoration.

    • Consumption of water-based paint, for example, will not only be much more, but in 1-2 months will begin to peel and fall off;
    • water-dispersion paints on the surface of this material simply do not lie down;
    • the manufacturer recommends the use of oil paints based on natural varnish for decoration. You can also use acrylic enamels.

    Decorative effects There is a greatset, consider several options. Multi-layer painting Step # 1 Apply a layer of base color paint with a brush. Step 2 After drying this layer with a semi-dry roller, without pressure, the protruding surfaces of the picture are covered with a different color. Grout Step # 1 Apply a coat of base color paint. Let dry. Step # 2 Apply a layer of paint of a different color on top. Step # 3 Use a dry sponge or swab to remove the second coat of paint from exposed surfaces. Kira Vavakina Graduated from Higherart-industrial school, faculty of interior. She worked at RKMDI (Russian Combine of Monumental and Decorative Arts) and at the Home store design studio. Today he is engaged in private practice. - If you want to achieve a sculptural relief of the walls, then you need a linkrust. In terms of composition, this material is absolutely environmentally friendly: wood flour, chalk, linseed oil, wax and rosin. Interiors of almost any style can be decorated with linkrust. The use of linkrust

    • in my opinion, the best use of lincrusta is the finishing of the lower part of the wall;
    • The second option is "panel" from linkrust. As a frame, gypsum molding is usually used;
    • and if you add tinted paints on top (silver and mother of pearl), you get a "noble" interior.

    We thank our experts and hope that their advice will help you decorate the walls of your house.