The interior of a small child

How to correctly decorate a small nursery - design tips

Decoration may seem like a big problem.only at first. The first thought that visits you: "How can you fit all the necessary property in such a restriction?". Believe me, to deal with the design of a small housing is not at all difficult, especially if it is for a baby. The child does not need so many things: a bed, a table, a chest of drawers, a comfortable chair. For the first time, this is enough with the head. We present to readers of the Little Interiors a small series that proves that you can maximize your space. Successful design is based on several strategic purchases, creative approach. Maybe some option will inspire you. Enjoy!

Modern infant

Let's begin the review with modern children who maximize their area! In this image you can see that the original mural distracts attention from the miniature size of the cabinet. Using simple furniture ensures that itwill not look cluttered. When space is very limited, you can not fill it with furniture, then fill it with creative ideas. The wall on which you place the pictures not only personalizes the room, but also draws attention to it. In the next image you can seea room in which there are only three pieces of furniture: a cot, a chest of drawers, an armchair. Combine these things with the help of colors, fun curtains. Thus, you get a fabulous accommodation with everything you need. Buy all the furniture in the infant of the same color, for example, white. The composition will have a concise, but at the same time beautiful view. Another tip: use the wall for display and storage. You see how well decorated the interior are the shelves on which books, toys, and art objects were placed. Do not forget about the ceiling! When there is very little meta, you can always add personality with lighting. Buy an original chandelier that will go well with the overall color scheme. Speaking about the proper use of the ceiling, we remind you that you can paint on it or hang up additional decorations. These steps will not steal a centimeter from you.

Traditional children

Let's move from modern to classic. Next, we will demonstrate several well-designed chambers for young family members who make a new twist in the traditional style. A small space is not a hindrance if you decorate it with love. Get plenty of white, an elegant armchair, ottoman, colorful curtains - listen to our advice and your child will be happy. Decorate the crib with a light canopy of a pleasant color. This will immediately revive even the smallest rooms. Color the walls with geometric shapes. This will definitely create a visual increase.

Eclectic in children

Now take a look at the variations in the design of whichdeftly mixed several styles. This is a room with elements of modern and classic decorated by Elizabeth Gordon. Its practical know-how is a bed that can be used as a container for soft toys. The artist proves that size is not the main thing. It is much more important to use flaws correctly, turning them into advantages. And here is a gorgeous sample that combinesmodern and vintage design. In addition to the attractive wall paintings, the minimum amount of furniture allows you to keep clean lines and conciseness. The office of your child on the offer below is issuedusing several styles: ancient, modern, Hollywood. It is the carpet in this room that binds together all the objects. Choosing the right track will change everything beyond recognition. Very funny room in the photo below, is not it? Using horizontal stripes makes it bigger than it really is. Not to mention the fact that the stripes give a modern look to traditionalism.

Elegant kids

I would like to finish the review with images.elegant options that add sophistication to the whole house. By creating a monochromatic version, you can achieve a smooth effect and deceptive simplicity. Do not you like the gray tones in this photo. Glitter added a crystal floor lamp in the corner. Here designers Jack and Jill richly decoratedall cast that might seem too expansive. But artists have found a clever way of incorporating artistic accents, and have achieved a truly enchanting look. Consider yourself happy if your smallThe room includes features such as built-in shelves, as shown below. If not, you can always add high schools that maximize the area. This rack can contain decorative items and books. Even better, the shelves are not too deep. Thus, they do not detract from square meters! We are sure that you have a lot of ideas on how to properly decorate a small nursery. Share them with other readers of the Little Interiors in the comments.