The interior of a small kitchen

How to equip a small kitchen - professional advice

If you are the owner of a small kitchen, then this will not prevent you from making it cozy and comfortable. How? Just follow a few rules. We will talk about them today.

Rule one:

Avoid unnecessary things. There should not be that which is not necessary.

Rule two:

When selecting kitchen furniture, pay attention not toonly on the appearance, but also on the volume of cabinets and niches. Cookware, pots, appliances should be on hand, but at the same time be in place. Recently, designers have offered many convenient devices for placing various items in the kitchen. It can be convenient shelves for plates, hanging blocks with hooks for pans, drawers separated by internal partitions for trifles. Popular sliding shelves with grooves for bottles or cutlery. With these options you can arrange everything you need even on. In the photos below you can see a selection of wonderful examples for such premises.