The interior of a small kitchen

How to correctly choose the built-in appliances for the kitchen

It is best to start equipping the kitchen area withselection of rational and modern household equipment. And in order to harmoniously combine this technical component with a magnificent decoration of the decoration without unnecessary expenses and efforts, stop your choice on the devices built into the furnishing. But how to make the right decision in a large volume of products that come to the market for consumers? Look at what you have (room space, finance), determine the basic needs (functionality, rules of care) and select the most rational model. We have prepared some recommendations and tips that you can use to select technical equipment for certain types of apartments.

Economical variation

This equipment will look perfect insmall and modest home. If the footage of the kitchen varies in the region of 6-7 square meters. m., then the kit must be purchased minimum: refrigerator, stove and oven. Pay your attention to this small-sized space, nevertheless, it is perfectly located everything you need that the hostess needs. Excellent layout of the kitchen in the form ofthe letters D, the interior in a bright calm tint palette and sophisticated furnishing completes the image. Naturally, if you are baking and do not use the oven, you can easily replace it with a microwave oven. It will occupy minimal space and will perfectly cope with its functional purpose for heating food and preparing simple dishes. But let us turn to the original problem, which involves the rational and effective use of this room. Selecting the hob, look at the building material of its production. The most cost effective type of coating is enamel. To this surface, we have become accustomed since childhood. It is in perfect harmony with the vintage style, and does not need substantial care. Look at the magnificent decoration with a light wooden set, making maximum use of the height of the ceiling and the rational arrangement of technology in the corner - it is simply impossible to look away from it. Built-in ovens have differentfunctionality. They can be powered by gas or electricity. The first option will cost less and significantly save money in the process of its use. Accounts from gas companies can increase slightly, and if you have a meter installed, then there is no point in worrying. In that case, if you chose the electric model, then look at its class of energy consumption. Choose products labeled "A", which means that when you use it, you can reduce financial costs and wiring load. Please note that the hob and ovenmay be located near or at some distance from each other. In the first version, you will realize the appearance of an ordinary plate. And in the second, take advantage of the unique opportunity to install them in various places at your discretion and desire. When selecting a refrigeration device for a modest room, its dimensions become an important parameter. And if the length and width of different manufacturers may vary slightly, the differences in height can reach half a meter or more. Of course, the smaller the volume of a refrigerator, the cheaper it will be. Low devices can be easily located under a window or in another suitable place, it will significantly save space. In most cases, in miniature versions there is no freezer, but from this position you can find a great way out - buy a modest and small-sized freezing chamber and place it nearby. Look at how you can successfully and efficiently arrange them together under the windowsill. A separate freezer will become an indispensable assistant in the household.

Standard set

The most effective and acceptable variation forapartments with improved layout. Even one square meter, added to the kitchen area, can significantly expand its functionality. Thus, if the footage of this zone varies from 8 to 12 square meters. m., the complex used appliances can be expanded by turning on the dishwasher. Low financial capabilities can perfectly cope with such a necessary acquisition. Pay attention to this interior, decorated in a lush green shade. There is a well-designed space, there are many shelves and niches for storage, and the technical component has high functionality. The stove can be made usingstainless steel, in this case, it will have a cost higher than the enameled counterpart, but its ultramodern and attractive appearance will effectively complement the decoration. It is easy to use and cleans well. Most models are covered with a specialized layer to prevent the appearance of greasy stains. The electric oven has a widedistribution in comparison with gas analog, due to a wide set of functions and opportunities. In addition to double-sided heating and a device for grilling, most of these products are equipped with convection ventilation equipment that heats the dish evenly. Some manufacturers on the market supply models with the ability to defrost, three-dimensional heating and cooking several dishes. Dishwasher wants to have anya housewife. It can have a fully embedded look or an open surface with a control display. It can also be placed to save additional space under the oven, as demonstrated in this image. Note the amount of water consumedelectrical energy and detergent does not depend on the degree of loading of the device. Built-in hood can eliminate the accumulation of unpleasant odors and avoid premature repair of the ceiling surface. It is needed if the kitchen space in your apartment also serves as a dining area. Many people use decorative equipment instead of embedded equipment. But it is worth remembering that the latter option takes additional footage, which can be used to advantage in the idea of ​​a shelf or niche. An important parameter in the selection of the hood is its size, it must match the size of the cooking plate. The built-in model does not occupy a large volume in the kitchen, it easily comes out and folds back. Another achievement of progress and modern technology is the vertical hood, a great solution for small apartments.

Premium class

This solution is perfect for thoseIt has luxury apartments with a great layout, zoning or private cottage. If the footage of your home allows you to implement the most courageous ideas and interesting ideas. And financial opportunities - to pick up a set of furniture and equipment from the best manufacturers, you should not dwell on the technical characteristics and functionality of each item. World industry leaders have already taken care of this. Currently, large and popular brands produce high-quality, modern and high-performance products. All you need to do is to choose an elegant and aesthetic version that will suit the style of the design and your taste preferences, as, for example, is shown in the next photo. This room embodies refined andan elegant atmosphere, and to complete this charming image, the products of many companies, which are decorated in a sophisticated and beautiful way, will perfectly fit in. Naturally, the elite kitchen area will suitcooking plates with a surface of glass ceramics. They are highly resistant to dirt, cleaned with ease, and are excellent in heat transfer. This technique is equipped with a touch screen control, as well as special programs and a timer. Currently, the market is represented by a largea number of roomy refrigerators that are luxurious in size. There are also original three-chamber design with two doors and a large number of auxiliary programs: programming, a device for making ice and pouring a foamy drink. A set of built-in appliances in spacious housingcan be expanded with a washing machine, auxiliary freezer, microwave, espresso machine and other interesting and original devices that are on the market in a large assortment. You can also install a built-in television display in the kitchen, you can hide and hide it from unnecessary eyes if necessary. After you decide which onerational and effective complete set of furniture and technical equipment to buy for your apartment, then proceed to the realization of his incredible design decoration. Of course, the variations in the choice of technical equipment proposed in this material are not universal. After all, a small space does not mean at all that you can spend only a limited amount of money on it and vice versa. But we believe that after reading this post, you will be able to find for yourself a lot of useful and necessary information, as well as find interesting solutions and ideas for repairing your apartment.