Interior of a one-room apartment

How to properly equip a small apartment

Most of the world's inhabitants huddle in smallapartments and often think about how they would properly equip their home, while maintaining as much free space as possible. Our today's article will tell you how to choose the right color, furniture and wallpaper for a small room.

Bright colors are not always bad.

You can use bright curtains with a beautifulprint or paste wallpaper with an original pattern on the walls, and possibly on the ceiling. This option will not be expensive. Most of the time we spend in the living room and in this room you can quickly get tired of bold decisions, but it is this method that can help make it as convenient and unusual for leisure as possible.

Large furniture is not bad

If you stop the choice on a particularlarge piece of furniture, you can visually increase the space with it. Especially this option will look great in apartments with high ceilings, for example, you can install a high closet, it will help its view to distract guests from a small square, and a small couch with soft pillows can merge with the flooring in an amazing way and you will not notice .

Geometry Thoughts

First, determine exactly what will this room. Visually divide it into several zones: working, dining and leisure. Mentally decide on the appointment of each of them. Cut out paper forms and lay them out on the floor, so you can understand what the size of your future household items should be.

Bright hues

No matter how you look, the fact that the flooring and walls of light tone helps to increase the space visually is banal. Do not forget about it while arranging your small-sized.

Use mirrors

In developed countries for quite a whilea new direction is developing, the owners of small premises install huge mirrors. And they do not hang them on the walls, but simply put them on the floor. It is from this angle that the room increases significantly. A mirror in a beautiful frame in such a case can be both for its intended purpose and become an amazing decor.