Organization of space

How is the kitchen with the island and what is the island for?


Despite the fact that the kitchen island is a prerogativeLarge kitchens, there are compact options for small rooms. How it looks, what they are for, where to put and what to consider when installing them - all this in our review. The kitchen island is an additional workplace in the kitchen, and it is usually located in the center of the room. In a modern interior, this is a very original and stylish solution.

What is a kitchen island

This is a compact headset, independent of the mainfurniture located in the center of the kitchen. There are many variations when the kitchen island has a stove (electric or gas), a sink and cabinets. Also, the kitchen island can serve as a dining table. The headset looks complete if a hood is installed above it. Stanislav Orekhov, interior designer: - A kitchen island is a very convenient and useful form of organizing space, which can be used both for cooking and as a bar counter. The kitchen island is convenient because it creates a regular working triangle: the hostess can take food from the refrigerator, put it on the island, wash it, cut it, and then send it to the hob. This arrangement allows you to place all functions within walking distance to significantly save time for cooking. Experienced housewives who love to cook will confirm that there is no extra work surface in the kitchen, so the island is an excellent assistant in this matter. A cooker with an extractor hood, a work surface and a sink can be placed on the kitchen island. Also, the island can be used as a dining table in the bar counter format. Thus, you can refuse from a full-fledged dining table and save space. But you need to provide legroom and bar stools around the island.

What is the Convenience

As you know, all items in the kitchen carrya certain load. What is the convenience of a kitchen island? It fits perfectly into the space, especially when the living room, dining room and kitchen are combined. In addition to being a dividing element between zones, the hostess has the opportunity to cook and communicate with household members or guests at the same time. The convenience of such an idea is that you can approach the headset from any side, everything is at hand, so the conversation can take place face to face. Elena Krylova, interior designer: - A kitchen island has long become an important attribute of a modern home. After all, such a layout of the kitchen not only allows you to create an additional work surface, but also a functional place for storing kitchen utensils. It can accommodate a sink, stove, extractor hood, sockets for household appliances, hanging shelves and much more. Considering that we work with many well-known customers, cooking unusual dishes often becomes their hobby and an opportunity to surprise guests. For example, this was the case when creating an apartment interior design for Bari Alibasov. The kitchen island became a kind of stage for him, where he, soloing in front of the guests, surprised them with his original recipes. With a standard kitchen layout, such a food show will not happen, so it is advisable to place the kitchen island in a room with an area of ​​at least 15 square meters.

Stylish accent

In addition, that it is functional, the kitchen island and looks pretty attractive. A variety of shapes, lighting and original design can make the island a beautiful and stylish accent of the kitchen.

What kind of kitchen space is needed for such a headset

Of course, the larger the room, the easier it is toinstall a kitchen island with it. However, there are some limitations. It is recommended to place a kitchen island if the area of ​​the room is at least 15 square meters. Otherwise, it is better to use mobile options on wheels that are easy to move. Our opinion: - It is more convenient and functional to plan an island kitchen when its dimensions exceed 20 square meters. Therefore, combined options (kitchen plus dining room) are considered suitable for them. The smaller the kitchen area, the less functional the kitchen island will be. Irina Kryvtsova, interior designer: - For rooms in small apartments, the arrangement of the elements of the kitchen set is mostly the same. You can only swap the kitchen appliances. Unfortunately, in a kitchen with an area of ​​less than 15 square meters, it is impractical to arrange an island, since the aisles from kitchen cabinets to the island must be at least 100 cm. Otherwise, the comfort of movement is lost. In more spacious rooms, the situation is different, the hostess needs to travel long distances, so the concept of organizing the working area in such kitchens should be different. In combination with the bar counter, the kitchen island in large kitchens becomes even more practical and convenient. He also zones the room into a “cooking” and dining area. If you decide to build a hob into the kitchen island, take care in advance to provide ventilation for the hood above it. If you are arranging a sink, then also take care of the water supply and wastewater disposal.

Security - in first place

It is important to consider one more point when planninguse a set with a sink or stove: all electrical and communications work must be done before installing the kitchen island. Safety should be taken care of. Therefore, all wires and contacts must be well insulated so that moisture does not get there. It is recommended to supply the electrician not by the ceiling, but by the floor. It is better to use the services of a specialist. Our opinion: - Please note that for communication you will have to slightly raise the floor. If you have high ceilings, then this is not a big deal.

What are the kitchen islands

  • Kitchen invisible island for a small kitchen

Very convenient and functional to usepull-out kitchen island in a small area. It is easy to install it anywhere, and after cooking, accordingly, hide it in the kitchen set. Such compact options are also suitable for the role of a table. Mobile islands on wheels are an interesting and functional modern solution that can be chosen for any style.

  • Bar counter-island

Bar rack is rarely used as a separateElement of the kitchen. Usually it is combined with open shelves, closed boxes. Or do two-level options, when the working surface is lower, and the bar is higher.

  • Round or oval island

From the point of view of compactness and safety (absence of sharp corners) it is better to use a round or oval kitchen island. It does not look as massive as a rectangular or square one.

  • Crescent-shaped headset

One of the convenient kitchen islands is considered a crescent in the form of a crescent. So, the outer part can be used under the dining area, and the inside - under the work area.

  • Kitchen island-buffet (chest of drawers)

Kitchen set in the form of a buffet is greatFor placing dishes and storing different utensils. And the top part is used as a usual table top. Beautiful islands are showcases, where through the transparent doors you can see the tableware. If the area allows, then such a puffer element is best deployed in the direction of the entrance door.

  • Transformer

It is known that the kitchen island "eats up" the area.To somehow save space, choose compact transformer options. They are equipped in such a way that the edges of the table top can be folded or raised if necessary. Our opinion: - If you want to make the kitchen visually more spacious, choose an island mini-rack, in which the lower part is through. The optimal width of the kitchen islands, for which it is comfortable to cook, is considered to be 1-1.5 meters. Stanislav Orekhov, interior designer:- The island can be 1,100 mm high (like a bar counter). In this case, it is convenient to dine with him, but not to work. The height of the island can be from the kitchen countertop - 850 mm. It will be convenient to cook behind such an island, and in order to sit, you should provide for either a second, higher part - the second level, or one-and-a-half bar stools. In order to design an ergonomic kitchen with an island, it is necessary to provide for a passage around the island of at least 1,100-1,200 mm. When it comes to design, the island can become an accent and centerpiece that will create the whole image of the kitchen.,,,, part of the photo is provided by Svetlana Kotlukova