The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

How to make a kopeck piece from a one-room apartment: a bright apartment with bright accents


Do not know how to make a full-fledged kittens from a typical odnushki? Look for the answer in our new article. This apartment will surprise you not only with planning, but also with a bright design

This apartment is a cherished dreammost young couples have an isolated bedroom, an almost monochrome background and bright accents. And also the windows of this kopeck piece overlook the forest. Elina Musina, Interior Designer Graduated with honors from the International School of Design with a degree in Interior Designer for Residential and Public Premises. In the profession since 2011. For some time she worked in a design studio, since 2015 she has been practicing as a private interior designer. Not afraid to experiment with color. He believes that a competent layout is an integral part of any interior. Creative credo - “Interior is not just a place to live! This is a story in which the inhabitants are the main characters! "

The customers of this project are a young couple. Very energetic and bright. The interior, in the author's opinion, was supposed to correspond to its owners as much as possible. The apartment is located on the first floor of a monolithic buildingcomfort-class houses. According to the terms of reference, the apartment should have an isolated bedroom, as well as a kitchen-living room and many storage systems. The location of the premises did not meet the requirements of the customers. As a result, the layout was radically changed, with all wet areas left in place.

Customers were asked to choose one of several options for planning solutions. All wishes have been taken into account - quickly identified with the right direction. The windows of the apartment overlook the forest, so letting the sun inside the interior become the main task.

Lighting consists of different light scenarios and in addition to the zoning function makes up for the lack of natural light on cloudy days.

The rhythm of this interior is set by the color accents.

The wardrobe in the hallway was made to order according to the sketches of the designer. The solution for the head of the bed was a frame with a massive plank as a cover. On top put a white frosted glass.

All the furniture in the apartment is made in the studio of furniture. Doors. Sanitary hatch in the bathroom with photo printingmanaged to disguise, adding a touch of humor to the interior. In order to make the bathroom more chamber, the designer decided to paint the ceiling in the color of the tiles.


  • for the facades of the kitchen. Doors chose a trim in rosewood color and white premium. Table top - corian. Apron - hot glass, half painted in white, the second half, according to the designer's idea, remained transparent, showing the texture of the wall;
  • Buffet - IKEA, Stockholm;
  • table - Tulip;
  • chairs Kartell - Victoria Ghost;
  • Chandelier Lightstar - Sferetta;
  • bar counter - to order;
  • bar stools - Midj;
  • lamps above the bar - Arte Lamp.

Living room:

  • chandelier - Orbe Chandelier;
  • an armchair - Swan;
  • sofa Anderssen - Blue Angel.


  • closet built-in - Mr. Doors;
  • the bed is made to order;
  • glass partition - Union Aluporte.


  • furniture - Belux, Marseille;
  • bath - Roca, Malibu;
  • tiles - Marazzi Diamond, Marazzi Soul;
  • paint - Dulux.


  • tiles - Cevica Metro, Verde;
  • toilet bowl - Nero Ceramica Revo;
  • hygienic shower - Kludi Bozz.

Entrance hall:

  • built-in multi-function cupboard - Mr. Doors;
  • on the left in it there is a washing machine, on the right - shelves for small things and bags;
  • profile linear lamp.


  • preference given to paint Dulux. In the hallway and living room, a decorative brick served as the solution for the walls;
  • textiles -;
  • as a floor covering, preference was given to a massive oak board, the color "White Brush";
  • In the hallway, wardrobe and kitchen, a light tinted granite tile was used;
  • interior doors - Dorian, Mr. Doors (color white).