The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

How to organize a space: bright apartment for a young family

How to equip the interior of an apartment with a verynon-standard layout? How to maximize use of each square meter of area? What colors will make the space bright, saturated, but not flashy? We show on a real example The owners of this apartment in a new building - a young couple with a child, and initially it was supposed to place offices in the building, but later it was decided to transfer it to a housing stock. The family wanted to create their ideal family nest, really cozy and bright. And in the solution of this issue they were helped by the designer Marina Sargsyan, who, despite all the difficulties, coped well with the tasks set. Marina Sarkisyan, Designer-Decorator We have already introduced you to several of Marina's projects, you can find more information about this designer. The area of ​​the apartment is almost 60 square meters, it is free lay-out, and the main difficulty was that there are practically no right angles in it. The main wishes of the customers - a separate bedroom, for the daughter, the presence of a workstation and places under the piano, a dressing room, a separate bathroom, a place for washing machine, which was eventually hidden behind the doors of the built-in wardrobe at the entrance to the room.

Kitchen-living room

The kitchen-living room is made in shades of juicyturquoise, gray, yellow and white. In order to accommodate a full kitchen and not to go beyond the "wet zones" defined by the developer, the angle in the riser and vent box area was aligned. So there was an opportunity to install a built-in refrigerator. The kitchen turned out to be the letter P, the washer was built under the window (it always makes it pleasant to wash dishes), and the stove and oven were taken to a small island, where it was possible to build a dishwasher and a small bar, although it more like a breakfast table. Also there was a place for a high-grade dining table. From a large number of windows the room is filled with light and air. Marina Sarkisyan, designer-decorator: - Stylistically, the interior does not want to be tied to any specific styles, but rather eclectic: modern elements are successfully combined with classical ones (moldings, rosettes for chandeliers), and a few vintage accessories add a touch. in the zone allocated for the workplace. This improvised home office is very compact and hidden behind the rounded wall of the dressing room, so it's completely invisible for the view of entering the kitchen-living room. The wooden countertop, which acts as a computer table, is the continuation of the window sill. And for books and documents, there are hanging shelves.


The bedroom is made in gray-beige tones withadding a juicy color to the young grass. The furniture is vintage, the panoramic windows are decorated with Roman curtains with a vegetable print, as well as on the wallpaper at the head of the bed. Despite the small area (9 square meters) the bedroom was very cozy and spacious.

children's room

Children are a special place. There will live a tender girl who loves horses madly and is fond of horse riding. The customer's daughter was very anxious to sleep on the second tier, while being able to rest at night and down. Therefore, the designer took as a basis the idea of ​​a loft bed, built-in closets for a sleeping place. For small things, there are boxes in the stairs that lead upward, and similar drawers are also used under the work surface built into the window. It was possible to accommodate a sofa-couch, it can serve as an extra bed. And of course, special attention is drawn to painting with the image of a horse, which will be painted on the wall. In the room there is a beige-milk color in combination with pink-lilac shades.


In the corridor, the elegant color of the marsala is used,which is named. He gives some splendor to the interior, meets with joy and at the same time he looks very organically against the background of active floor tiles. This room is isolated from all the others, which is why the designer was not afraid to include such a rich tint. Marina Sarkisyan, designer-decorator: - Lighting in the apartment is used mainly central in combination with the local (sconces, floor lamps, table lamps). An exception is the corridor, in which a cornice with LED lighting is added. Spot lights are used in the dressing room, bathroom and toilet.

Materials, Brands and Finishing

Kitchen-living room:

  • stucco molding - Orac Luxxus;
  • chandelier - Favorite factory, 1431-7P Linterna;
  • sofa - LeHome;
  • wallpaper - Designers Guild;
  • decorative brick on apron - own manufacture;
  • Textiles - Eijffinger factory, Largo collection;
  • floor - massive board "Caesar" (oak, caramel);
  • the dining group was made to order;
  • the doors of the cabinet were made to order;
  • tiles on the floor - World Parks Hyde 31,6 x 31,6, factory Vives;
  • kitchen - Verona Unica.


  • stucco molding - Orac Axxent, Orac Luxxus;
  • paint - the brand Little Greene;
  • wallpaper - Sanderson brand, Painters Garden collection;
  • tissue - herbal green, Zimmer & Rohde, Sanderson Painters Garden;
  • ceiling light - Loft Industry Glass Bird;
  • table lamp - the company Gramercy Home;
  • furniture - Gramercy Home;
  • closet - Reina, article reinadub-sh2;
  • bedside tables - Reina, article reinadub-tk3;
  • floor - PVC-covered under the warm floor.


  • stucco molding - Orac Luxxus;
  • wallpaper - brand Sanderson, Options 11, article 212409 Reflections Sunset;
  • fabric on the Roman curtain - Lewis & Wood;
  • floor - massive board "Caesar" (oak, caramel);
  • chandelier - pendant lamp Modo Chandelier 10 Cosmo;
  • wall lamp - wall lamp Vasily;
  • walls - Dulux paint;
  • Wall clock - Dialma Brown;
  • floor lamp - the company Gramercy Home.


  • Walls - Dulux paint, Marsala color;
  • chandelier - Lantern Chandelier, company Gramercy Home;
  • bra - Indusrial Round Sconce, the company Gramercy Home;
  • tiles on the floor - Vives World Parks Hyde;
  • furniture was made to order;
  • cornice with illumination - Orac Luxxus.

Bathroom / Toilet:

  • tile (bottom) in the bathroom - Atlas Concorde Plenitude;
  • shower stand - Raindance, from Hansgrohe;
  • heated towel rail - Energy H-G5;
  • cabinet in the bathroom - Dreja Color 60, yellow satin;
  • a bathroom sink in the bathroom - Dreja Norm 60;
  • mirror-wardrobe - Dreja Air 60;
  • Mixer - Talis Classic 14127000 from Hansgrohe;
  • bath - Jacob Delafon Melanie;
  • toilet bowl - Jacob Delafon Odeon Up 18558W with full fitting;
  • a washbasin with a curbstone in the toilet - Laufen Pro;
  • tile in the toilet - factory Bayker, collection Aqua Azzuro 10 x 10;
  • floor in the toilet - Atlas Concorde Doga Vanilla Cassettone 22,5 x 45.

Marina Sarkisyan, designer-decorator: - The apartment turned out bright, full, it has a lot of light. I was inspired by the openness of customers, their positive attitude, as well as the interiors of the apartments in the old houses in Helsinki, in which I had to visit. There lived musicians, artists, singers ... Interior for charming, interesting, intelligent people, bright and unlike the others. I would very much like them to be cozy and bright! All visualizations are provided by the designer Marina Sargsyan