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How to use copper objects in interior decor -


In this article we will give exhaustive advice on how to use copper parts and accessories in the interior. They are now at the height of fashion, so why are they still not in our homes? Let's start today

Metal in the interior is no longer associated withFactory spaces and increasingly appears in the most seemingly unexpected for such a brutal material styles. Today we will consider the use of copper surfaces.

Kitchenware. Hanging copper pots, buckets and frying pans not only add a touch to the space, but also emphasize the stylistic solution. Direct dependence in this case can be traced in the style of the dishes themselves.

Wall decoration. Copper tiles, like sheet copper, are great for decorating walls in a modern minimalistic, industrial or loft space. Copper, of course, will give the room brutality, stiffness and impressiveness. However, the heat and coziness of metal is unlikely to add, so think twice about whether it is worth using this kind of design in family spaces.

Kitchen countertops. Copper has bactericidal properties, that is, it prevents the development of bacteria, which means that it can be safely used as a table top for a dining or cutting table in the kitchen.

Fittings. One of our favorite ways of transforming furniture is to change furniture. Vintage copper accessories will look equally great both on the doors of the antique buffet, and as an upgrade to the chest of drawers in the Art Deco style. Fixtures. The simplest method of "attaching" copper to the interior is the purchase of a lamp with a suitable bubble. The benefit now options in the interior market - a dime a dozen. Design of ZOOI Design Studio