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How to make 1 650 from 500 square meters: an example from Moscow region -


Today we are talking about a new workshop projectza bor: reconstruction of a typical country house. Read more about how the architects tripled the area and designed a real modern mansion with 62 rooms. The customer contacted za bor bureau with a ready-made house - a "box" with an area of ​​500 sq. M. m. During the discussion, it quickly became clear that this would not be enough to satisfy all the wishes of the owner, and, in principle, he wants something completely different. Arseny Borisenko and Pyotr Zaitsev got down to work and turned a typical private house into a work of architectural art with an area of ​​1,650 square meters. Arseniy Borisenko and Pyotr Zaitsev, architects of the za bor bureau The za bor architectural bureau was founded in 2003 by Arseniy Borisenko and Petr Zaitsev. Both were born and raised in Moscow, studied at the Moscow Architectural Institute. Even at the institute, they began to engage in private projects, later they worked in several architectural workshops. Over the years of the bureau's existence, dozens of objects have been realized, including apartments, private houses, a cottage village and many offices. Among the clients are large businessmen and industrialists, Castrol BP, Badoo, Inter RAO UES, Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, etc. building new volumes and expressive geometry. The new parts are finished with light ceramic tiles, while the contrasting larch planks were chosen for the "old" ones. Reconstruction fundamentally changed not onlyAppearance of the house, but also its functional capabilities. The new part is a monolithic frame filled with foam blocks and brick. In the center there is a single space of about 16 meters high, piercing all three floors and covered with a large light lamp of about 25 square meters. M. Nontrivial construction of the house requiredArchitects of non-trivial engineering solutions. So, for this project, a special system of gutters and drainage systems was developed, which does not spread them outside, but inside the building - through special cavities. Also, special attention was required for non-standard window openings: a rotary laser was used to mark the axis of the double-glazed windows. With regard to the layout of the house, then in generalComplexities in it accommodated 62 rooms, including a cinema, a swimming pool, offices, a separate wardrobe for winter clothes, a salt cave, a library, children's rooms, including a nursery room, a winter garden, guest bedrooms and bathrooms, playrooms and other rooms for any Leisure activities for the host and guests. There are also open spaces: for example a terrace on the second floor and a "courtyard" under it, which it closes from the weather. The kitchen, living room and dining room are combined into a common open space. Its layout is standard for large rooms, and also includes a fireplace area with comfortable chairs and a small bar area. Arseny Borisenko and Peter Zaitsev, architects: - Our practice shows that it is very often more pleasant for friends to accept a situation in a less formal than a traditional feast. In addition, many modern people like to work at similar stands. The whole space kitchen-living room-dining room is decided inCalm colors, furniture matched to the tone. Such a color solution is justified by the architects that even if the house is very spectacular, the person in it should first of all rest, which means that the interior should be visually pleasing and, most importantly, calm. This was no exception: the situation turned out to be very clean, simple and mostly in a neutral color scheme. It is worth noting that the interior is not deprivedLocal bright accents, such as, for example, these white and green armchairs on the second floor. On a common neutral background, such color spots look very fresh and at the same time appropriate. The main bedroom was as simple as possible andFunctional, with a set of the most necessary furniture. Such a minimalistic situation is explained by the fact that the owner in it will not spend too much time - mostly just to sleep. The color scheme continues the general philosophy of the house: bright and calm, it adjusts to rest and helps to relax. Arseny Borisenko and Peter Zaitsev, architects - UThe customer had many requests and requests. In this project, we tried to create a variety of zones in the house - this is perhaps the most diverse house that we designed. In general, it has more than 60 rooms, including a cabinet with a winter garden, a refrigerator for clothes, a salt cave and others. In this interior were used:

  • Chairs in the dining room and bar - Arper (Italy), Catifa collection 46;
  • Table - La Palma (Italy), model Apta;
  • Sofa - Flexform (Italy);
  • A coffee table - Bonaldo (Italy), model Voilà;
  • Chairs near the fireplace and on the second floor - B & B Italia (Italy);
  • Floor lamps - Foscarini (Italy), collection Twiggy;
  • Armchair in the bedroom - Moroso (Italy), Fjord collection;
  • Bed - Bonaldo (Italy), model Toolate;
  • Light wood - oak;
  • Dark - wenge.