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How else can you use curtains in the interior: 5 ways and 25 examples


How can I use curtains in the interior? The answer to this question seems obvious. However, these textile accessories can serve not only as decor for windows. Today we will talk about alternative ways to use curtains and curtains. The most interesting thing about design is to find new uses for familiar things. Sometimes, in order to make your interior unique, it is enough to rethink the possibility of using this or that decorative detail. Today we offer you a new look at such an accessory familiar to everyone, like curtains (curtains), and consider alternative solutions for their use.

1. Instead of a screen

Zoning space to createadditional functional areas is one of the most popular techniques in modern design. If you need to ensure the privacy of the sleeping area in a studio apartment or arrange a secluded corner for your home office, use curtains. They will save you from the need to build additional partitions or install sliding doors. The curtains do not burden the interior and are practically invisible when assembled. Of course, we are not talking about noise insulation here, but creating a visual effect of dividing space into zones using curtains or curtains is quite simple.

2. As a canopy

Even if there is no sleeping place in the zoningif necessary, you can make it more cozy with a canopy. This is where curtains come in handy again. And if the bed is not adapted for the equipment of the canopy and there is no special holder, then the curtain rods will also come in handy. You can attach them to the ceiling around the perimeter of the bed, hang curtains on them - and voila, the canopy is ready. Children will be especially happy with such a decorative trick. Ideal for a little princess's room.

3. In the nursery

Alternative ways to use curtains inChildren's are not limited to the construction of the canopy. With their help, you can create a nook in the child's room for creativity and games. It can be a fairy tent, a veil of the boudoir of a young fashionista or an imitation of the scenes that will symbolize an improvised stage for performances.

4. In the bathroom

If you want your bathroomlooked elegant and stylish, forget about the oilcloth curtains. Use noble textiles. Fabric curtains will make the interior of the bathroom more elegant and allow this room to rightfully be called a room, not a bathroom. Our opinion: - Curtains in the bathroom are beautiful, but not always practical. Therefore, so that under the influence of water they do not become damp or moldy, it is better to use a fabric with a special moisture-repellent impregnation or a quick-drying fabric.

5. In the wardrobe

Another not tested by many functionalthe possibility of curtains - to replace the doors of cabinets and cupboards. Thanks to their lightness and mobility, you get the opportunity to organize a wardrobe even in a small room, the area of ​​which does not allow installing a full-fledged wardrobe: it is enough to hide the hangers and boxes behind a thin layer of fabric. But even in spacious houses, where the dressing room is usually a separate room adjacent to the bedroom, curtains will find their use. They can simply replace the door, thereby lightening the interior of the room, making it more intimate. Our opinion: - The same technique can be used for storing things in the hallway, nursery, bathroom, living room and even in the kitchen. Curtained kitchen or bookshelves can look extraordinarily stylish if the pattern and texture of the fabric used echoes the surrounding interior.