How to correctly apply paint for interior renovation -


I want updates, but tedious and costlythe renovation does not fit into your plans? The good news is that all you need is paint to transform your interior. And what and how to paint, we tell in this article Color is one of the simplest and most effective ways to transform a space. If you feel that a new tablecloth or bedding is not enough to fully experience the spring changes in nature, soul and your own home, you should think about more radical measures. No, you don't have to buy new furniture or change the wallpaper: just arm yourself with our ideas, a brush and a couple of cans of. Ombre effect Ombre technique (she's goodthe familiar gradient - a smooth transition from one color to another) has become so popular thanks to the fashion and beauty industry. Hair coloring in this technique, and then its appearance in manicure, make-up and subsequently in clothes, made the ombre effect a real trend. What are the advantages of this technique, for example, on the walls? Firstly, surfaces painted in this way look very interesting. Secondly, compared to fashion and the beauty industry, interior design is not changing so rapidly, and therefore the ombre effect still looks rather unusual and fresh. Thirdly, most likely, you will spend a little less paint than if you paint over all the walls from and to the same color. Painted floor There are so many accent optionselements in the interior, but almost never the floor is considered in this capacity - and in vain. The choice of paints today is so great that it will not be difficult to choose the right shade. Moreover, you can go even further and make the floor not just plain, but add, for example, deliberately careless large strokes, as designer Katherine Kwon did in her project (photo # 2). Paint Little Greene, color Mischief 13 Kitchen facades Kitchen renovation is a complex processand quite a rare occurrence (the first follows from the second), but I still want to update the interior of the most popular place in the house from time to time. This is where such a simple but effective method as painting facades will help out. It is not necessary to repaint all of them: you can, for example, choose one and make it accent. Paint Farrow & Ball, Shaded white and Strong white Farrow & Ball Paint Peignoir & Worsted Twoin one Can't choose between two colors? Use both! It looks a little more radical than the smooth ombre effect, but it is much easier to implement. And you can design the transition in absolutely different ways: it can be a straight line, broken line or natural brush strokes. Paint paint & paper Library, shades of Porcelain II and Porcelain IV Paint paint & paper Library Natalia Guseva,Designer: - I want to draw attention to the fact that color very much affects our emotional state, we can even say that it creates it. Therefore, you need to handle color carefully: for example, do not paint the walls completely in violet - in large quantities this color can cause anxiety, anxiety and even depression. Natalia Guseva, designer:- You also need to be very careful with the yellow-green color that has come into fashion now: if you overdo it, just like purple, it can cause anxiety, unreasonable fear and nervous breakdowns. Spectacular Details If a massive makeover isn't your thing, focus on the details. Paint the sad white radiator in the kitchen, the wooden mirror frame in the hallway, or part of the window opening in the bathroom some luscious color. This local transformation will take hardly more than a few hours - a great DIY project for the weekend. Alexey Eliseev, Manders:- The advantage of paints is that they are suitable for all surfaces, both in the interior and outside the house. Up to the refrigerator, plastic window frames and galvanized ventilation ducts. Of course, each case requires special preparation before painting, but in general the process is quite simple, especially when it comes to walls or ceilings. Stripes It is possible that art painting is not your strong point. But what if you want to choose something more daring for the walls than one color? Your option is the good old ones. This rather simple pattern is good because it can be used not only to add bright colors to the interior, but also to visually change the composition and proportions of the room. Paint Little Greene Furniture You can't find the strength in yourselfto get rid of old wooden chairs in the kitchen? Give them new life with bright yellow or any other juicy color. Is the IKEA stool dusting on? Color it pink and use it as a bedside table or coffee table. Most importantly, do not forget to restore the damaged parts, if necessary, and remove the old coating with sandpaper before painting. Shelves Want to refresh the interior of the living room, bedroomor an office without special financial and time costs? Just paint over bookshelves or open cabinet walls. Saturated pure colors - green, yellow or blue - look especially advantageous against a light neutral background. Paint Farrow & Ball Alexey Eliseev, Manders:- As for the popularity rating of colors and shades, the most popular are still those that can unmistakably exist in the interior for decades and will not go out of fashion - for example, shades of beige. More precisely, they should be neutral to any fashion. The trend of the last three years has been the replacement of beige shades with, and in a sense this is a big victory, marking the end of a period of stagnation in the interior design market en masse. Contrasting colors strictly follow the interior fashion. Varnish How to make the floor look twice as expensive? Just cover it with varnish. The modern market offers a variety of options, so you can find the right one for any flooring: from wood to concrete. And if you are ready to go even further, then varnish the walls, for example, in the living room or hall - such an interior will look luxurious. By the way, varnishing does not look provocative at all against a neutral pastel background. Ceiling Who Said You Should Be White?Paint it a bright or unexpected color - for example, dark blue or black. And so that such a ceiling does not look depressing and does not visually press on the room, it is advisable to dilute it with light details: it can be just stripes, beams or stucco moldings, or something more artistic. Also Alexey Eliseev shared advice on the choice of paint:

  • At the heart of any renovation of the premises should always beBe a composition in which color can be a binding element for other materials. Choosing the right color is more difficult than choosing a paint. So first of all find the right color, and then pick up the paint.
  • When choosing a color, you need to purchase itProbes, preferably from three to five pieces. One is the main one that fits your composition, one or two probes are lighter and darker than the main one and one or two probes are warmer or colder than the main one. The task of the probes is to help see the future premises on site. But even after receiving the probes, try to look at the veneers before preparing the walls for painting: paint them on separate sheets of cardboard and in no case put samplers on the walls, especially near.
  • If your walls are already prepared for painting, then the acquisition of samplers does not make sense. Feel free to use the main color that suited your composition.
  • When choosing paints, read the brochure: As a rule, for walls of premises it is offered up to three types of paints, differing degree of shine. The higher the gloss, the less marking and the more durable paint. The lower the gloss, the more matte and aesthetic. It is not recommended to use absolutely matte paints in the corridors, children's rooms, kitchen and bathroom.