Organization of space

How to organize a sports corner in a small apartment

Is it possible to equip a sports corner in a conventionalEven if it is small? How to properly organize space for sports at home without taking up a lot of space? In fact, it's very simple. The sports corner of the house is a great way to always be in shape even with a catastrophic lack of time. Or if the window is bad weather and there is no way to go to the stadium. Just a few minutes of classes guarantee a charge of cheerfulness for the whole day. About how it is convenient and compact to equip a sports corner, in which rooms to place it and what is needed for this, we will tell in today's article.

Sports complex in the children's room

The most active members of the family are, of course,children. In the children's room you can install a sports complex. Such complexes occupy, as a rule, only one corner and provide a charge of vivacity and good mood of younger members of a family of any age for a long time. In addition, for children of preschool age in such a corner, you can hang and a small swing. When installing the complex, it is important to make sure that it stands firmly and all the details are securely fixed. It is advisable to purchase one or two small sports mats.

Trainers in the apartment

An excellent solution for a small apartment will bePurchase of a cardio. It is compact enough to fit comfortably in any room - living room, bedroom or even corridor, and at the same time it will successfully replace long walks. For cycling enthusiasts who do not have the opportunity to practice on the street often, an exercise bike is ideal. In a corner, near a wall or even in the middle of a living room, such a simulator will not only not spoil the general appearance of the room, but even give it a peculiar style.

The Swedish wall

Compact and convenient invention - SwedishWall - can be placed in both the nursery and the living room. Of course, most of all it will appeal to children, but adults can also be drawn up on it. In addition, modern Swedish walls - this is not necessarily a ladder against the wall. They can be of any original design and with success will fit into any interior. Even when children grow up, such walls can remain part of the decoration of the room.

Corner for fitness

Fitness lovers should think about how toOrganize a small corner for practicing your favorite sport. Since for fitness you do not need so much - you can limit yourself to small dumbbells, rug and ball - you can organize the necessary space in the living room or in the bedroom. Another convenient solution is the use of the loggia (if available). In addition, the loggia can be turned into a small sports corner, equipping it with a ladder and a horizontal bar. Our opinion: - In order to fence off the sports corner from the rest of the living room, use a light sliding screen. It will enable you to quickly turn a room for sports into a room for rest and reception of guests. You can store sports equipment in the closet, but modern designers offer a more original solution, which saves you maximum space - special mounts on the wall. Suspended bicycles, rackets and other sports equipment will not only not interfere, but will add a special note to the overall style of the room for sports.

Horizontal bar

In a small apartment or in the absenceFree space to keep yourself in shape will help an ordinary home horizontal bar. The easiest way to attach it to the doorway. There are models of horizontal bars that are attached to walls or corners. On them, if desired, you can easily attach rings or ladder, and if necessary, just remove. The home horizontal bar occupies much less space than any other sports equipment, almost invisible to others and therefore fits perfectly into the interior of any room or corridor.

Home gym

If desired, the whole room can be turned into aA small sports hall. This option is perfect for a young active family. The main thing is that it is convenient to arrange sports equipment so that it not only allows you to work, but also, if necessary, use the room as a living room, made in the original style. In this room, you can use light portable furniture or soft outdoor chairs-transformers, and it perfectly combines the functions of the gym and living room.

Sport style

Sport is not just something that brings joyAnd allows you to stay awake and healthy, this is a lifestyle. And in order to feel it fully, it is necessary that a corner or room where lovers of a healthy lifestyle are going to exercise, was performed in a unified style. Whether it's a print on wallpaper, cushions in the form of soccer balls or soft toys, chess pieces, the main thing is that it's beautiful. It is desirable that the main color of the room is warm green, because it is associated with fresh grass in the stadium, raises the mood and gives vivacity. Very original looks green floor. Our opinion: - Sports style looks good in children's rooms and rooms for teenagers. Modern designers offer a huge number of interior items that perfectly complement the overall picture. It can be a football or baseball lamp, cushions or bedspreads with a sports print, wallpaper with a stadium image or a stylized clothes hanger in the form of a bicycle. The main thing is that the room is made in the same style.;;