The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

How to make a stylish renovation in an apartment without any special expenses: a Moscow odnushka

You would like to make your apartment brightvintage interior, but concrete walls and unformed ceilings make it difficult to bring your plans to life? Don't be discouraged - Izumoff studio designers have offered an excellent solution to the problem. Designing a small apartment with virtually no finishing is not an easy task. But Kirill Shabanov and his team coped with this task perfectly. The project was based on such interior parameters as simplicity, abundance of light, maximum functionality of all areas and the speed of completing the task. Kirill Shabanov, head of Izumoff studio, curator of projects Such a complex project is not the first for Kirill's team. The studio specializes in the design of unique, ultra-fashionable interiors on a turnkey basis. Izumoff's designers are not flow oriented. According to Kirill, individual work gives more opportunities for developing really interesting designs. In this project, the main focus was not even the fashionable format of a loft, a vintage studio or original lamps - all the charm of the apartment was concentrated on the walls and ceiling. They are not finished, but simply painted creamy white. Such an interior solution made it possible to visually increase the area of ​​a small apartment to the size of a full-fledged studio with actual floor-to-ceiling windows. The vintage style fits perfectly into the general concept of a place filled with light and comfort.

Entrance hall

At the entrance to the apartment guests are welcomed with comfortable wooden cabinets and mannequins. Mirrors, mannequins, white color, concrete ceiling,brick wall and small but very bright, talking accents in the form of handles on a wooden cabinet or wicker bedside table make the interior of the hallway simple, but visually very stylish.

Living room

Among the existing styles of interior designVintage has the greatest reserve of ideas for realization. With its help, any old (or aged) object can be inscribed into the interior of a house or apartment, thus giving the room an atmosphere of coziness, expensive, status living with a history of more than a dozen years. Important for this style is working with things or objects of a bright, expressive "character." In the design of the design studio Izumoff such items are enough. Pay attention to the stylized chandelier withcandlesticks, chest-boxes from boxes painted with white paint, a floor lamp from two branches with a white plafond. These objects "make" the entire living room. They perfectly match the unpainted concrete wall and modern plasma. The interior of the living room is designed in strict colors, there is not one extra or disharmonious thing in it. The additional charm of the living room is provided by the fireplacewith real firewood. It is an important part of the interior painting, especially in the context of timeless vintage. Because the interior of this apartment does not really have a clear time frame. It is impossible to say which decade or century is embodied in the project area. And this is good. Binding to time limits the interior tools. To get a more free solution, you just need to blur the boundaries a little.

Kitchen and dining area

The kitchen and dining area in the apartment are combined. This turned out to be a more correct solution from the point of view of zoning of a small space of living quarters. In the kitchen we see a house brazier, equipped with an excellent hood, large working surfaces of tables and very conveniently located lockers for household utensils. The working area of ​​the kitchen is separated from the dining roomtransparent glass wall. The built-in oven and refrigerator are styled like a concrete wall and are graphite gray. A large window balances light and dark shades, making the kitchen and dining area more interesting in terms of lighting. A very unusual accent is the grass-decorated floor. It has a built-in special container in which real grass grows.


The bathroom in the house is small, but cozy, with comfortable lockers, hanging invisible lamps (without a plafond) and marble tiles. The doors of the lockers are made in the form of woodenValves with a beautiful monogram pattern. Something between oriental style and art deco. The door to the bathroom comes from the central studio (kitchen, dining area, living room). Pretty handy. Especially if the house has kids. Everything is at hand and very quickly.


The bedroom at the team Izumoff turned out soft,gentle, charming and even romantic. The interior of the room is dominated by white, peach, light gray-blue, light-purple. The room is filled with bright and original accessories in the form of cages for birds, a miniature dummy for jewelry, crystal perfume bottles, small vases and candles in candlesticks. Despite this, the room does not seem overloaded. Everything in its place and nothing cuts his eyes. Pay attention to the large mirror in the carvedwooden frame. Most likely it is made to order and has no historical value, but it looks very attractive. A large window paired with this mirror and low bedside tables makes the room look like the boudoir of a Parisian courtesan or a London opera diva. The soft light of the fabric lamp on the ceiling creates a pleasant twilight, filled with a gay and calm. Pay attention to the suspended ceilings andbuilt-in lockers. Most likely the apartment looks so cozy because all the extra things lie on the shelves and cabinets. Lifting everything up was an excellent stylistic and functional solution. This decision provided an opportunity to open the space and make it visually greater. As you have already seen, a small apartment withunfinished concrete walls, a minimum of furniture and a lot of vintage-style accessories are real. And without much effort. Need white paint, fantasy, and flea market furniture. The designers from the Izumoff team gave some tips on how to properly design and zone a small apartment with concrete walls.

Design Tips

  • In a small apartment there should be a lot of light. Do not spare money for lamps.
  • Choose only quality white paint - it will depend on it, will make you repair in three years or in five years.
  • Pay special attention to accessories. If you found a wonderful lamp of the 30s of last century - give it to a specialist for restoration. In the vintage style, the quality of decor and accessories plays a big role.
  • Do not overload the space. Furniture should be small. Yes. So conceived. You'll like it.
  • Use glasses and metal less often. Let there be more stone and untreated surfaces. This does not apply only to the kitchen and the bathroom.