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A dustbag or a bright accent in the interior? Daily headache or motivation to get out more often? Together with the pros we understand the pros and cons of the main interior stumbling block - open shelves Professional designers like them, and ordinary people hate - domestic and foreign projects and comments to them leave about the same impression. In fact, the first are well aware of all the pros and cons of open shelves, and the second is not always in a hurry to refuse them. That's why we armed ourselves with the opinion of the townsfolk, talked with practicing designers and decided to find out what all the same is - open shelves in the interior: evil or good (spoiler - all individually). Oksana Tsymbalova, designer:- Recently, the use of light open shelves remains at the top of design trends. On the one hand, this is a very effective solution that visually relieves space and relieves you of the pressure that a massive cabinet creates. On the other hand, this kind of design creates a lot of difficulties with maintaining order and hygiene and is not always practical. Advantages First of all, open shelves "relieve" the space well, which is especially important when it comes to a small room or studio apartment. For the smallest spaces, so-called hinged shelves are suitable, which can be of different depths and lengths, and the absence of unnecessary details allows you not to "cling" to them with your gaze and thereby not focus on a small area. Tatiana Kostina, decorator:- Of course, open shelves and cabinets take up space, but unlike their closed "counterparts" they do not "steal" space. With them, the interior looks lighter and more filled with air. Let's imagine that a designer made closed book shelves from a project in his office. The interior is brutal, used a lot of dark colors (brown, dark green) and heavy textures: leather, dark wood. If doors appeared on the bookshelves, the interior would look heavy and it would be uncomfortable to be in it. And here is another example - a nursery. It is light and light, but the appearance of closed shelves would violate the harmony of the space. Interior of the studio Zi-Design Zi-Design studio interior Another undeniableplus open shelves - visibility and accessibility of everything that stands or lies on them. This advantage can be used to store daily hygiene products in the bathroom, often used in the kitchen, and toys in the nursery. The latter is due to the peculiarities of children's understanding of the world: the child perceives for the most part only what he sees and can easily get it. It is impossible not to mention the aesthetic component. The contents of the shelves not only give space to individuality and character, but they themselves can play the role of decorative decoration, a bright accent or a real art object. Frame of unusual material, painted in different colors of the rear walls, an interesting shape (for example hexagonal or triangular) - the options are mass, and most importantly, you can easily manufacture a unique shelf with your own hands. Tatiana Kostina, decorator: - Very good look open shelves in the kitchen: they can put a beautiful dish, bright plates, vases and thus turn into a bright accent. This is especially true if the kitchen is made in cold and restrained tones. So, in one of our projects, part of the kitchen with open shelves itself became an art object. Zi-Design studio interior Disadvantages Openshelves are often referred to as "dust collectors", and there is some truth to this. A large amount of dust does accumulate on the shelves, which in turn requires regular cleaning. On the one hand, it disciplines, on the other, it is still not suitable for those who are not ready to carry out an audit of all shelves with a damp cloth alone, or even several times a week. From the first point the second follows smoothly: Open shelves compel not only to wipe dust frequently, but also to maintain an ideal order. Otherwise, you expect a sloppy, uncomfortable interior and a constant sense of clutter. If you are not a perfectionist, and the rules "everything takes its place" and "take it-put it back" are not brought to automaticity, then keeping the compositions on the shelves in their original form is more likely to be given with difficulty. Open shelves are ideal for storageTrifles, books, dishes and other small things, but obviously do not have a large capacity. If you need as much storage as possible, especially dimensional items, it is better to abandon the shelves in favor of hanging lockers, closed shelves and chests of drawers. You can also choose a combined version: for example, a cabinet with open shelves and closed sections. Stepan Bugaev, interior designer: - The use of open shelves creates a cozy and informal environment, which is not suitable for every style. Scandinavian minimalism, loft, country or provence allow such an option as public display of certain items, but in a classic interior this concept is unlikely to fit. Design Tips If you do decideto use open shelves in the interior, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the advice of professional designers. So, Oksana Tsymbalova proposes to be guided by the following basic principles:

  • Choosing open shelves, be sure to ensure that the wall behind them has a soft and preferably monochromatic coloring;
  • If you use open shelves in the kitchen, thenPlace a nice, but not used service, as it will regularly need to be washed. We recommend our customers to keep on the shelves beautiful dishes, which they use every day - so much easier to maintain cleanliness.

Interior of Oksana Tsymbalova Interior of Oksana Tsymbalova A interior designer Stepan Bugaev shares with techniques that will help organically fit open shelves into the interior:

  • It is desirable that the wall on whichPlaced open shelves, was monophonic and not too bright. This will allow objects located on shelves to stand out and serve as a bright accent in space;
  • You can use the combined options, where open shelves act as a stylish decorative addition to the usual closed cabinets;
  • If there is not so much space, do not block up the space with massive structures hanging over your head;
  • Today there is a huge selection of shelves that can be assembled into original compositions. Such models not only functionally enrich the room, but also act as an interesting accent.

Interior of the bureau "Victory of design" Interior of the bureau "Victory of design"