How to expand the space in the apartment

Optimization of space with the relocation of furniture

When did you last swapfurniture in your apartment? Most likely, quite a while. This has its advantages: deciding to go to the kitchen in the middle of the night, you can easily reach the refrigerator without turning on the lights. But the risk of encountering furniture is still there ... Today, we offer a rather interesting project that can be realized. True, you will need to slightly move some of the interior. The alignment is not a tricky business, but it requires a serious approach. In addition, you need to take into account several components.


If you want the sofa to be located incenter, note that after moving behind it will form a free area, and the room will be divided into two parts. In one, you can organize a small work area, and the second, behind the sofa, fill the shelves for folders, documents or books to free up the surface of the table. We easily managed to break the room in half! How do you like the idea of ​​a home office?

Paths following

Pay attention to the floor: floor mats are able to visually modify the volume of the room and visually indicate the path from one area to another. As a rule, the path and the palace put straight. Try to orient them at an angle - this technique will cause a new wave of interest.

Extra space

Any kitchen must be updated, butIf the family budget or the second half does not allow you to make a grandiose repair, try to slightly modify a small area, for example, turn a shallow niche into a place of rest. Just a few details, and now turned out a charming little room!

A little imagination

If you have a small apartment, then maybeIt is worth thinking about in order to free it from bulky cabinets. A special corner is suitable for things, and turn the vacated part of the square into a place for reading. Even your kids will appreciate the permutation. Several shelves will solve the problem of placing small items and accessories. A soft, fashionable sofa with large pillows will allow you to find a comfortable position for rest, and Chinese lamps hanging from the ceiling in combination with bright red Arab curtains will excite the imagination.

Let there be light!

And finally, the last conversion secretyour home - floor lamps. Lighting plays one of the most important roles. Just as in the light of a ramp the actors come to life on the stage, illuminated from different sides by spotlights, so your monastery mysteriously shimmers in the soft glow of the lamps. If you want to highlight a significant angle, install additional lamps. It's okay if you do not have a big house, but there is plenty of free space.