The order in the house: the organization of storage in boxes.

Drawers can save you weighttime. However, they also need to be put in order. The easiest way is to fill the drawer with other small drawers. We’ll tell you how best to use this technique. Where do we put things in order to hide heaps of rubbish from prying eyes? Into the boxes! Everything that lies badly goes there, is quickly lost and takes up too much space. But what about the boxes themselves? With smaller boxes, of course! These can be plastic boxes, wicker baskets, plywood organizers, canvas bags, and anything else. You will see, after pointing the unprecedented in all the boxes in the house, you will divide your life into before and after. Finding things will become much easier, you will be able to navigate them even with your eyes closed, and engaging in your favorite hobby, regardless of whether it is cross-stitching or embroidery, will bring even more pleasure.

1. As in the pharmacy

Organizer is specialized, size is in size. Usually ordered with a kitchen, but can be purchased separately.

2. Do not throw anything away.

Boxes «with the world on a string» - an ideal variant for a summer residence.

3. Without trays

Partitions are budgetary and simple.

4. All in sight

The style of arrangement is a showcase.

5. By template

Several standard organizers for cutlery.

6. Baskets

Wicker trays perfectly fit into the interior in the style of country. And, of course, in the kitchen they will look perfect.

7. "Pull and Lay"

Cleaners will appreciate the transparent containers for cosmetics, such and outside the box will look great.

8. Beauty in diversity

Raznomastnye containers - also a good option, most importantly, that they occupy the maximum area of ​​the box.

9. In cramped, yes, no offense

More things - more boxes. Also it is not terrible, if they will run against each other.

10. What to do with large boxes

For small boxes suitable for small containers, arranged in two layers.

11. Accuracy above all else

The right arrangement also has a value - both functional and decorative.

12. Simply, beautifully and elegantly

Textile organizers for clothes and clothes can be purchased at IKEA.

13. Shoes, ballet flats, sandals

Now you know how to compactly place shoes.

14. Bathroom

Boxes in the bathroom - the main salvation from the overloaded shelves.

15. Drawer bottom

To decorate the boxes in the home cabinet? Simpler - glue, bright paper and 15 minutes of your time.

16. Cardboard

Cardboard trays may seem short-lived, but if you close all the caps on the markers and get rid of the excess on time, they will not be demolished.

17. Quickly decor

Do not want to hang the bottom of the box? Select transparent containers and place brightly wrapped paper on the bottom.

18. Contrast

To work on the contrast, you can even here: a black box - a white container, looks good, yes?

19. Order

Do not be surprised if after the reorganization you decide to get rid of a good half of unnecessary things.

20. Entrance hall

Organize small things in the hallway, too, does not hurt. Moreover, here the order usually lasts much longer.,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,