Apartments up to 45 sq.m.

Order in the apartment: 15-meter interior-transformer with many boxes


The ideal order of 15 square meters -Is it hard to imagine this? This is possible when space is properly organized and there is an excellent storage system. Today we will consider a compact and miniature apartment, where everything is on the shelves. Today, under our sights, an office-apartment, in which there was a place for unique objects of art, work and leisure. This space is designed specifically for the artist from Tel Aviv. It was necessary to come up with a clever solution for storing unique collections. Implement this idea took an architect from Israel, Ranan Stern (Raanan Stern). How did he manage to put everything in order?

Artist and order

It is difficult to imagine order for an artist, becausecreative individuals are unorganized people. Ideal for such a person when the walls in the room are empty and decorated in light colors. But the owner of the premises is not just an artist, he has a hobby - he collects a variety of works of art and art objects. He has collected many books, small sculptures and old materials. The room is such that you will not roam too much - only 15 square meters. But the architect came up with an original solution for this small room. It so happened to hide everything in 36 drawers and modular compartments.

A wall with a secret and a table on wheels

So, all values ​​are well distributed.The storage systems are made of white birch that perfectly matches the wooden floor tiles. Excellent color scheme. The view from the window inspires creativity. There are also two tables, one of which is on wheels. It is convenient to move it. Small drawers can be used as easels. Also, the punch-hole cabinet surface is easy to use for presentations. And when the artist gets tired, he can open the door and ... lie down to rest. A fold-out bed is hidden inside the cabinet. So they solved the issue with the recreation area and the lack of square meters. It is very convenient and functional.

Office table - old sewing machine

The owner of the premises is a modern person whocollects not only antiques. He follows the news and he has a virtual assistant, so it was necessary to find a free space in this room for a computer. To use space rationally, an old sewing machine plays the role of an office table. It so happened to find a use for a collectible and a modern gadget.

Do you need curtains

Window curtains are necessary indoors toit was easy to adjust the light level. For an artist, this is a very important component. In addition, they create a cozy environment. And the room, in which everything is so neatly distributed, can be used as a guest room.