Order in the kitchen: ideas for storing kitchen utensils


How to unload the kitchen space from unnecessary onesitems, where to put dishes and other utensils? Any housewife asks this question, especially on the eve of the holidays. Today we will tell you how to come to order in 12 steps Whatever the kitchen is huge, with a large number of cabinets and drawers, there is always a need to revise and put things in order. This desire is especially acute with the approach of the holidays. Cooking holiday meals is a creative process, the result of which depends on a comfortable kitchen space. We hope our tips will make your general cleaning process easier. Then the desire to create will not disappear, and you will delight your loved ones with new culinary masterpieces.

1. Get rid of excess

Organize your workplace in the kitchen correctlyand comfortable. To do this, clear all cabinets, cabinets and drawers from unnecessary dishes. Kitchen utensils have the property to accumulate: something passed from grandmother by inheritance, something they gave, something they themselves bought. In the kitchen, leave only those plates, pans, cups and bowls that you need all the time.

2. Before you put everything in its place

Before you put everything in its place, thinkabout how often you use toasters, bread makers, multivarks, kazans, frying pans, and generally what dishes you cook most often. Then analyze the size of your kitchen and decide what can be placed in it as much as possible, and after that it will be easier for you to decide what to hide and what to put in a conspicuous place.

3. Additional assistants

You will significantly save your time and space onkitchen if you take colanders, spatulas, slotted spoon, lids and pans out of cupboards and hang them on rails, hanging or modular structures. Use magnets to store scissors and knives. So everything you need will be at hand. You can easily get them at any time.

4. Fork spoons

In drawers it is convenient to place spoons, forks, but it is desirable to use special containers with separate sections. So you will save time in search of the desired subject.

5. How much to leave the saucepan

For a small family, three pots are enough.The largest is needed for making soups. Medium is useful for cooking cereals and side dishes. And the smallest one is needed to heat up or boil various ingredients and eggs. If there is more than one child in the family, then you will need more small and medium sized pots or saucepans with handles.

6. Organizer for frying pans and saucepans

Since pans are also needed at least three (forthick-walled stew, medium and small for frying pancakes), they need to be stored somewhere. Depending on the style of the kitchen, you can hang them on. It is desirable that they be from the same set (the same applies to pots). But if they are different and need to be hidden, then get an organizer for pots and pans. Place it in the closet, next to the stove.

7. From the packages - into transparent containers

Cereals, sugar, pasta and other bulk productsit is better to put in transparent containers, rather than store them in bags. This will reduce the time spent looking for the right products, even if they are not on open shelves. Our opinion: - Use stickers and sign containers and other containers. This way you will always find the required ingredient quickly and never confuse it with another.

8. In the access zone

Manufacturers consider the time value of eachhostesses, therefore, kitchen sets are equipped compactly. True, you distribute the dishes and other kitchen items yourself. It is better to store voluminous cauldrons, pots and pans in the lower cabinets. Moreover, arrange them in such a way that frequently used items are in the access zone. Spices and other little things should be, as they say, in the hold, in drawers or on rails. Our opinion: - It is good to store dishes in cabinets with glass doors. It is advisable not to place holiday sets for guests in the kitchen. Leave several "work" plates for each family member. It's enough.

9. In one style

A certain order is formed when youadd everything right. It is advisable to choose kitchen items in one set. It's nice and comfortable. Many kitchenware manufacturers use the matryoshka principle. They make pots, pans, plates and bowls so they can be easily stacked. Arrange the plates separately according to the size (for the first and second).

10. Place near the stove

In order to save time at the stove, you canarrange the mini spice drawers. There are also special spice jars on sale that are easy to attach to the rails. It is also possible to install a bottle holder in the shape of a chef in this area. He will hold vinegar or vegetable oil in his hands. Looks beautiful and is always at hand. If you do not use rails and other devices for small things, then take a regular jug ​​and place whisks, pushers, spoons and forks in it. But only the most necessary ones, and if you use them often. Otherwise, they can be hidden behind closed facades in a closet.

11. Remember the little things

To shorten the search time, addPaper bags, food film, napkins, baking paper and foil in one place. It is worth remembering - each thing should have its own place, this is the guarantee of saving time and nerves. For such trifles, too, there are all kinds of organizers and railing, pay attention to them.

12. Get rid of spoiled utensils

In the New Year in Italy it is customary to get rid ofold items. It is believed that the more they are thrown away, the more there will be new purchases. Boldly throw away broken and worn out pots, pans, plates. Do not litter the space. But getting new kitchen utensils, be guided not only by the beauty of the product, but also by the convenience in use.,,,,,