The interior of a small kitchen

The original kitchen interior 12 m2 in an eclectic style

Rounded forms of kitchen utensils At 12 metersthe kitchen perfectly combined rustic motives and super modern technological process of cooking. Each member of the family received from this room everything he wanted, although their age category was different. Natural hemp table Comfortable and soft place for family gatheringsPoppies are present on one of the wall surfaces. The picture is made in one color and it seems that you are completely immersed in the floral world with your head. Spacious shelves for greenery Elegant poppy field On the 12 meter square there is a real green garden, located in wooden boxes, which can be immediately used in cooking. Hidden illumination of the working surface Simple planks of modern floor. The dining table is made of a huge wood sawn and polished to a mirror shine. Iron prop unusual table Objectsfurniture located in this kitchen is ordinary, but thanks to an unusual design, they look pretty stylish. The facades of the lockers are painted by hand and make up a single plant picture with the opposite wall. White drawing on a wooden surface. The working surface is very long, moving onto the next panel and being an additional table. Bar stools made of translucent glass. Mirror oven, built-in oak set in a cozy stool nestled near the wall with poppies. It is covered with small pads of flax. Green lightning in linen frame. Refrigerator hid in a large niche. Green cabinet for the right things The huge space of the refrigerator. Lighting here plays a major role. Searchlights brightly illuminate the poppies on the wall panel. Multifunctional lighting system Flowers under floodlights LEDs unusually illuminate the working area of ​​the kitchen. Apron in zero gravity Solar tunnel Over furniture from ThailandAcacia perfectly located meter in diameter lampshade, which completely covers the dining area. Such a lamp collects all the members of this family. East White Tent Innovative lighting system The 12-meter kitchen has a wooden floor painted in green and gives rustic chic to the interior. Emerald floor boards Cozy tree structure

View from above

Plan of arrangement of furniture Ecology in every seasoning Green storage motifs Rest on the home clearing Unusual cut structure Spot lighting area Table with a crevice Place for 4 persons Single gamut of dining area Metal and wood in a single product Light chairs Plastic, as material for stools Elegant painting of facades Set in a mysterious setting Lots of daylight everywhere Three hanging beds Brown window to city life Cozy blinds Prohibited field Single pillow Bottom view highlighted above Panoramic kitchen place White circus dome Four bright lanterns Modern hob Excellent water filtration system> Timer for cooking Black and white image of the kitchen