My odnushki dvushka

The original layout of the three-room "dvushki"

Often the question is how to place in an apartment witha small area of ​​everything you need, while not depriving the home of comfort. We propose to get acquainted with one of these projects, in which the authors managed to equip a cozy and at the same time functional housing for mother and daughter on 43 square meters.

The authors

A team formed by two close peopleits goal was to create, as its name says, space for life - Space4life. Moreover, it does not matter with what room they work, be it a huge mansion, just an attic, or. The main thing is to create a home with comfortable conditions in which the tenants will feel comfortable. Space4life is a studio with a history of professional division of labor. A technically competent architect solves his problems, the designer in the drawings embodies his plans, style and color selection by the decorator. Not a single detail will be missed by the team, in which each specialist is in his place and has extensive experience.

Planning and tasks

The authors did not need any work onredevelopment of the apartment. It was enough just to conduct a competent zoning of premises, and from a two-room one it turned into a three-room one. Dividing one of the rooms with a low rack, the designers got a living room with a TV and a sofa in one part and a bedroom in the other. The nursery was equipped separately.


When choosing a style of a certain concept was not, the main task was to create a functional and comfortable interior in which it would be nice to live.

Color and light

As you know, an apartment designed for twowomen should be easy. It is for this reason that the main emphasis was placed on light colors. The floor is covered with a bleached board. White ceiling, floor, baseboards and doors almost erase the boundaries of the room. In the living room the wallpapers have a dark blue pattern, reminiscent of Gzhel painting. The center of the composition was the fire-red chairs and a table. Pink and bright green colors, perfectly combined with each other, prevail in the nursery.


The biggest problem was the sofa in the living room. The limited space on all sides made special demands for it. It should not have been too wide, because on the sides it was limited to cabinets. In addition, he should not have been very deep, in order to have enough space in front of him. Another requirement that was imposed on the sofa - narrow armrests, otherwise it would be inconvenient for several people to fit on it. Long searches were crowned with success, a sofa was purchased at an affordable price from Kostroma-Mebel, a domestic manufacturer. All the rest cabinet furniture made to order according to their own drawings. Cabinets on both sides of the sofa - high, to the ceiling. They are quite roomy, they found a place with all the necessary things. A round kitchen table painted in coral color, together with a lamp as a whole, creates a cozy center of the kitchen.

Decor and Textiles

A selection of decor carried out remotely, justchose those brands that they trusted. Wallpapers were taken by the Dutch company Eijffinger or the Swedish BorasTapeter. Materials from these manufacturers give the room a kind of atmosphere without overloading it. Also, custom made LED panels, which emphasizes the elegance of the interior and serves as additional lighting if necessary. Placed decoration over the sofa.


Restrictions on the budget was not provided, but tried to stick to the economical option.

What are you proud of?

The external lightness of space can serve as a source of pride, while maintaining all the necessary objects in the room.

A few tips from the designer

  • If you want to make the apartment white floors wellthink about it. If you have children or animals, you should abandon this step. But if you, nevertheless, stopped on such a choice, then it can drastically change the whole atmosphere of the interior.
  • Do not be afraid of large drawings on the wallpaper, even if the room is small. With proper selection, this way you can visually expand a small space.
  • Not very large apartment should not be a reason for abandoning the game with flowers. Instead of the usual white or beige walls, try to decorate the room with soft bed tones.
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