Partition in the bedroom: how to zoned the room?

Today,structures made of gypsum board. With its help, you can create various decorative elements in the living room, bedroom, corridor and other premises of the apartment or house. For those who own a studio apartment, such material will be a godsend. With its help, you can ensure the division of space into zones (living room - bedroom). In the living room you can additionally make ceilings of different levels. Plasterboard partition in the bedroomThe partition not only divides the room intoseveral zones, but also a decorative element of the interior. As for the partition in the bedroom, it is quite a new phenomenon, which is very popular. This is not accidental. Such a partition can solve many problems and help in a new way to solve the division of space. With this technique, you can hide various communications, separate the wardrobe or create a whole wardrobe room. In the bedroom or living room, you can separate the work area. Using such material, you can not only level the walls and make them perfectly even, but also create magnificent architectural solutions that will make the interior of the room unique and original.

Features of plasterboard partitions

The device of a partition from gypsum cardboard. Plasterboard sheets are used in the bedroom not only as utilitarian material, but also as a material for creating volumetric elements. With its help you can easily carry out various niches, columns, capitals. Using such elements, you can give the room a certain style. It is worth noting that GKL is used in any style direction and can be used regardless of which finishing material will be used. Very effective will look like partitions, in which there are insets of glass. This design will look elegant. The partition in the bedroom, made of GKL, has a number of advantages that make it so popular and in demand:

  • As a result, a design with a perfectly flat surface will be obtained.
  • Unlike other materials, the design will cost much less.
  • All the work is done fairly simply and quickly, and there is not a lot of debris and mortar.
  • You can dismantle such an element at any time, and it will not be difficult.
  • The high strength of the structure allows you to fasten on it various items and household appliances: TV, speakers.
  • Before you begin to implement the idea, it is worthwhile to prepare the walls and ceiling. Back to contents</a>

    Tools for leveling walls and creating structures from GKL

    In order to perform such work, it is necessary in advance to prepare the necessary inventory: Tools for working with plasterboard.

  • The puncher is necessary in order to fix the metal profile to the wall, floor and ceiling. If the house is made of monolithic concrete, it will be almost impossible to work without a puncher.
  • A drill is needed to make holes in the profile. The number of such holes is large enough, so its presence is mandatory.
  • Checking the smoothness of all surfaces is necessary with the help of a plumb and level of construction.
  • GKL to the metal profile is fixed with the help of self-tapping screws. In order to facilitate the work, it is worthwhile using a screwdriver.
  • Shears for cutting metal.
  • A hammer and a tape measure.
  • Fasteners.
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    Installation of partitions in the bedroom: features

    In order to perform a partition, it is worthPreliminary sketch, which will give a visual impression of the result. The first thing you should start working with is markup. The location of the partition should be marked on the ceiling, floor, wall. It is very important that a clear geometry is observed between the ceiling and the floor, since the design may be curved. During the markup it is worthwhile using a plumb line. Scheme of installation of the partition from gypsum cardboard. On the planned lines it is necessary to fix the guide metal profile. It is fixed to the base with dowels. Preliminary for them with a perforator you need to make holes. It is very important that there is a distance of 60 cm between the centers of the profiles. This distance is due to the fact that the width of the sheet is 120 cm. After the entire metal frame has been prepared, it is necessary to make the entire communication divide in it. In order to improve the technical characteristics of the partition, an insulating medium is additionally placed in the cavity between the profiles. This work plan can be used if the partition has a height to the entire ceiling. In the event that the decorative partition in the bedroom or living room has a height that does not reach the ceiling, the marking is performed only on the floor and part of the wall. The installation of the guide profiles is carried out only on the floor and on the part of the wall to which the partition will adhere. The upper part of the partition is made after the vertical posts are installed. The partition can have an uneven shape with curved lines and various bends. In this case, the structure will be partially assembled on the floor. In order for the form to be made correctly, it is recommended to execute patterns, which will be used for monitoring. The subsequent work on the layout of communication and the laying of thermal insulation is carried out, as well as the leveling of the walls. If the room has a small height, it does not needUse solid partitions from floor to ceiling. After the construction is clogged with GKL, it is possible to start finishing the surface. For this, putty is used starting and finishing. It is very important during the fastening of gipsokartonnyh sheets self-tapping them a little to deepen into the surface, because with shpatlevanii hats can become a hindrance, which in the future can even damage the lining material. Start shpatlevanie partition in the bedroom or living room is necessary with joints and grooves from the screws. In order for the seams to be reliably treated, you need to use a paint net that will prevent cracking of the joints. After the processed places a little dry, you can start processing the entire surface. Such a partition will not only be a place for decorating elements, aquariums and other elements. In the studio apartment, using such a partition in the living room, you can separate the bed from the common space and hide the sleeper from the prying eyes. Back to contents</a>

    Wardrobe as an integral part of the bedroom

    In every bedroom there must bewardrobe, which will store things and other items. This can be a piece of furniture. Wardrobe can be made from GKL, it is enough to mount the partition. With this method, you can create a whole wardrobe room. To create such a zone it is necessary to adhere to a certain sequence of actions: the layout of the future dressing room, the choice of a suitable place and visualization of the appearance. After this, you can proceed to the marking and assembly of the metal frame. In order to get the most durable and reliable construction that will be able to withstand the weight of things and other objects, you need to observe the basic rules of assembly. It is recommended to install additional stiffeners in the metal frame. The profiles are assembled with self-tapping screws. The dressing room is a separate room in which it is necessary to think over individual lighting. Conduct communication is at the stage of assembling the frame, as a result, all the wires will be hidden in the partition itself. It is very important to think about what content will be in the dressing room. You need to think about each department or box. All the filling can be made to order in furniture companies. As for the door, it is advisable to install a sliding system, which will save a lot of space. In addition, the appearance of such a door can be chosen from the presented options or custom made. The partition in the bedroom is an actual variant to solve a large number of questions. In addition, such a partition can be installed in the living room and other rooms. This is an excellent option, with which you can zoned the room.