Small bathroom interior

Photos of interior design combined bathrooms

In our small apartments, the mainthe problem of the restroom is limited space. In many apartments, the bathroom and toilet are separate, but the problem of a small quadrant forces many to combine these two buildings into a single bathroom, with the goal of winning back additional centimeters. On top of that, a small area creates additional difficulties in thinking through the interior. Our gallery will vividly show you extraordinary solutions to these tasks. There are several ways to free extra square meters:

  • use corner baths and sinks;
  • install shower;
  • install small-sized plumbing;
  • vacate the room from the washing machine.

These decisions should be discussed with family members,so that your loved ones will not experience inconvenience. Remember that your goal is not only to give an aesthetic look to the bathroom, but also to make it cozy and functional. A selection of photos on the pages will show all the stages of transformation of the interior of your bathroom, such as:

  • dismantling of old repair;
  • preparation of walls, ceiling and floor;
  • pipe replacement;
  • wiring;
  • finish;
  • installation of plumbing.

With us you look at the photo ideas for how toself-repair and design options for the provision of specialists. In addition to the real volume of space, there are techniques, how to increase it visually, for example:

  • with the help of well-chosen color range;
  • thanks to the successful solution in the organization of lighting;
  • with the help of small furniture.

In addition to this, photographs will show howa way to protect the bathroom from condensation, which causes mold and the growth of harmful microorganisms. To avoid these unpleasant moments, you can use liquid thermal insulation. This tool can be applied both on pipes and on the surface of walls, the ceiling and the floor, and even under tile. It is desirable that the furniture that you use is waterproof. The minimum set of furniture that must be placed even in a small room:

  • cabinet under the sink;
  • laundry basket;
  • hinged box with a mirror above the sink;
  • various convenient hinged shelves.

Our gallery contains the most interesting photos,with various designs, furniture, interior decoration, color selection. If you are planning, it is advisable to entrust this work to professionals, since they will be able to think over the design of the project in the most optimal and functional way, they will select durable wear-resistant materials. Choose the best photos that match your idea of ​​a quality repair, and suggest these ideas to the craftsmen.