The interior of a small bedroom

Photos of designer interiors of small bedrooms

The bedroom, above all, is a territory of calmand comfort. Therefore, the design of such an individual room should be in harmony with your inner "I". Considering the fact that, as a rule, a room for sleeping is small in size, one has to balance and reconcile two directions in interior design: general rules for the design of small rooms and a number of personal preferences. You should carefully consider photos of interesting ideas for the design of the bedroom, presented in the gallery.

So, the general rules for designing the interior of small premises: three whales - the shape, color and light

  • Form - a few large objects are better than many smaller ones.
  • Color - light shades of natural and natural.colors. A small nuance in the bedroom color scheme from psychologists: the most calming and tidy nervous system shades are the pastel versions of green, peach, blue and yellow. A selection of photos of several color options clearly demonstrate this.
  • The light should be bright enough, but notdirectional. It is better if it is a diffusing glow from a floor lamp with a linen shade or frosted glass canopy. Such lighting adds volume to the space and adds a touch of intimacy. Directional light is allowed only from the lamp (sconce) for reading. Many people like to read a few pages before bedtime for a better sleep.
  • Now about the individual features of the bedroom design

  • Cupboard. It is no secret that the bulk of wearable things are kept in the bedroom. Therefore, the choice of the cabinet must be approached with all responsibility. You can buy ready-made furniture, choosing it in size and color. But the best option would be a wardrobe compartment, custom-made. In this case, you can "roam" with the color solution, and with the choice of suitable fittings, and with the presence of shelves, hangers in the volume that really will be necessary to accommodate all-all blouses, dresses and other favorite stuff. To increase the visual volume of the bedroom around the perimeter of the cabinet is to place a few spotlights, and the door to make a mirror.
  • Installation of double switches (near the front doorand in the area of ​​the head of the bed at arm's length). This option is for comfort only. After all, sometimes you do not want to get up from a heated bed and wander to the switch!
  • Windows should be designed with soft flowing fabrics or tulle. Heavy draperies in small spaces are inappropriate.
  • Bedroom furniture must firstall, comfortable. After all, the whole busy day of work depends on a person’s well-being in the morning. But here it is worth paying attention to some nuances that will not allow turning an already tiny room into a museum of one subject. It is better to choose a bed without massive head restraints and high legs. Thus, visually the bed will look smaller than it actually is.
  • Ideas suggested in the photo gallery will help determine the individual style of your bedroom.