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Game with space: realistic wallpaper with scenic landscapes

Want, after returning from vacation, to keep the pleasantImpressions and a sense of spaciousness for as long as possible? Photo wallpapers will be a great solution! You can choose a landscape for every taste and create the atmosphere of those places where you visited quite recently. Sometimes you just want to take and change something in your interior. This idea sooner or later visits every person. But how to turn this adventure in the blink of an eye and without great expense? This can help wallpapers, especially since every day they are becoming more popular. If earlier the wall-papers created in houses the effectAbsurdities and lustiness due to poor quality of the base and the print itself, now, in the conditions of modern printing technologies and production of wallpaper paper, the canvases have become very elegant and realistic. Let and for a moment, but they will realize your most secret tourist desires. And you should enter, for example, in your own living room, as you immediately find yourself in the beloved point of the globe. Correctly chosen landscape will fit even inThe most uncommon interior and, like any work of art, elegantly decorate it. Photo wallpapers visually increase the space of the room, which is another plus. By gluing a three-dimensional picture on the wall, you can feel the fullness of the infinite spaces. Today's technology allows not only to quickly mount them on the wall, but also easy to remove (and sticky tracks do not remain). Very popular to date printAre urban landscapes. Undoubtedly, no one canceled the beauty of the majestic mountains, wide rivers and the sea coast, but the theme of urbanization is increasingly occupied by the minds and hearts of both the townspeople and the villagers. Canvases can be placed in any room of the house orApartments, whether it's a bathroom or a dining room. But most profitable they will look in the living room (behind the sofa) or in the bedroom (at the head of the bed). Thus, every time you go to bed or sit down a bit to rest, you will be transferred to your favorite places. And get to the dream the most pleasant impressions that will help you to go to night dreams where your soul is tearing.

How to visually increase the space with photo wallpapers

  • Choose wallpaper with perspective views, onWhich the image goes into the distance. It can be a road that runs off the horizon, and a view of the mountains, and a path in the forest. The room in this case will seem endless.
  • Acquire wallpapers of light colors to further expand the space.
  • In a small room it is better to paste wallpaper with a fine pattern.
  • For a room with low ceilings, get an image with a vertically directed pattern that "stretches up".