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Sanitaryware for the bathroom: important nuances when choosing

It's time to repair the bathroom or youJust decided to install a new sink and mixer in the shower? What should I pay attention to when choosing plumbing? All about materials, their pros and cons - in our article. Entering the sanitary ware shop, you can be confused by the huge number of shells, bathtubs, showers and toilets. Do not rush to buy the first thing you liked, because having similar shapes and design, the plumbing equipment is different in many ways. The first thing you need to decide on without leaving your home is the size of the future unit. Size matters If the free space in the bathroom is limited, then this parameter will be one of the most important.

  • Sink

In you can often meet shells not wideMore than 30-40 centimeters or even angular. Of course, this is not always convenient, especially for those who like to wash, spilling the water around. The optimum width of the shell is 50-65 centimeters, and the depth is 45-60 centimeters. This is the recommended size, in which daily procedures will be comfortable, and the useful space will not be wasted. If the area of ​​the bathroom allows, you can purchase a large and original washbasin, so there is a choice today.

  • Shower and bath

In standard apartments for a long time establishedBath size of 150 x 70 or 170 x 70. In many multi-storey panel houses still are they. Agree that such a modest size does not allow you to relax by taking water procedures, unless you are a child. But today acrylics make bathtubs of any shape and size, and ergonomics is by no means the last parameter. Ready versions of showers from above can be closed or not, and also they differ in height of the pallet:

  • Low pallet - no more than 15 cm;
  • The average pallet is from 20 to 30 cm;
  • A high pallet is above 30 cm.

For a family with elderly people, the option with a low pallet is more suitable, and if there is a small child in the house, a shower with a high lip will allow the child to bathe in a small bath. In form, the showers are square,Rectangular, round, asymmetrical, but most often represent a quarter of a circle. Regardless of which configuration you choose, it is important that the cabin is not less than 80 centimeters wide, but better. This size will ensure the freedom of your movements.

  • Toilet

Although the toilet and it seems to be quite simple,But he also has many characteristics and nuances that you need to look at. For those who need to save as much useful space as possible, it is recommended to buy a hanging toilet bowl. They significantly save space due to the fact that the drain tank is built into the structure that hides behind the wall. In addition, the space under the toilet will remain free and cleaning will not cause any difficulties. It would seem that there should not be a choice of a toilet bowlComplexities. However, in our time you can find not only a classic oval shape, but also square and even spherical. And here is the matter of taste and design decision. But the practical significance of the non-toxic: their design prevents the development of microbes. For example, this cup is from Guvstavsberg, and its solid guarantee - for 25 years - does not cast doubt on the quality of the product. Before buying, it is worthwhile once again to look at the water discharge system, so that later there would not be any difficulties with the installation of sanitary ware. The output can be horizontal, vertical and oblique.

  • Mixer

How often did you meet short cranes, underWhich is absolutely inconvenient to wash your hands, because you rest against them directly in the sink? A small spout has become popular, because it looks elegant and laconic, but do not forget that the bathroom primarily must be functional. Such a tap is applicable, for example, in a bath mixer, where it does not require any special functions, but for a washbasin it is better to buy a mixer with a long and pivoting spout. Materials of the toilet bowl are made mainly ofFaience and porcelain. Faience is a more porous material, which means it absorbs smells and pollution better. If the durability of the product is important for you, perfect appearance and easy cleaning, choose a toilet made of porcelain - a smooth material. Products made of earthenware are not necessarily worse porcelain analogs. For example, if you see a warranty of more than 10 years, you can safely buy. In addition, many models of modern toilets have different coatings: antibacterial, water repellent, anti-mud. In the production of baths, porcelain and faience are also used. The main disadvantage of these materials is that when heavy objects fall on them, chips and cracks may appear. Acrylic baths are very popular in our country. With a wall thickness of 6-8 mm, a standard bath weighs 30-40 kilograms. This is an excellent material that holds heat well, but when exposed to high pressure, the product may become deformed. The weight of cast-iron baths usually exceeds 90 kilograms,Which makes it difficult to install them, but the indisputable advantage is good indicators of heat conservation. Minus is the enamel coating, which can be damaged if heavy objects fall or cleaning with abrasive materials. Steel baths among their brethren are the easiestAnd the cheapest. The thickness of the sheet will depend on the noise level when filled with water. The luxury class is a marble bath. They have excellent heat transfer characteristics and are not afraid of chips and scratches. Mixers are made of chrome, brass and mixedMaterials. The most reliable for wear resistance are products made of pure chromium and brass - they are very resistant to physical effects of water and temperature. Recently, more and more popular items are products covered with enamel or glass. When buying such a mixer, it must be remembered that these coatings require careful care. They look attractive, but their appearance can spoil the careless treatment. Warranty and manufacturer If you see,For example, the German brand, this does not mean that the item was produced directly in Germany. It can be collected anywhere by the technologies that the owner transferred to another plant in another country on the basis of economic considerations. Obviously, if the manufacturer gives a year of guarantee for the toilet, then he is not quite sure about the quality of all its components. Trust the manufacturers who offer a long warranty period, because this means that the quality of the product is at an altitude, and even in case of any problems you will not have to look for spare parts and spend money on repairs, the service will do everything for you.