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Portable washing machine: high technology of the future today

On the road or camping, at home or away - all of usWe want to walk in clean and fresh clothes. But in fact for this you need to carry a washing machine! Now this is not a problem. We present you the 5 most interesting portable washing machines. Probably, there are no people who do not like to wear clean, freshly washed things with a pleasant smell. But such comfort is possible only if there is a washing machine at hand. Until recently, it was impossible at all, but with the development of science and technology, such miracle devices as portable washing machines appeared. And now in any place and at any time you can erase as much as your soul will. Let's look at the 5 most interesting concepts for today.

1. Aquarium

Although the machine is called the "Aquarium", itAbsolutely opaque. Nevertheless, she does not take any style. The elegant white sphere looks ultramodern, and the rounded shape distinguishes it from the standard rectangular variants. The principle of the machine is based on placing one sphere inside the other, with a horizontal rotation of the hole in the body of both coincide, then you need to load the laundry. When the inner part rotates vertically, the clothing touches the water containers, which purify the fabric. The given model has big pluses: it does not depend on connection to communications, as water can be typed manually; At work, a minimum of water and electricity is spent; The machine can be put anywhere.

2. Swirl

This truly innovative development is worthy ofClose attention and even admiration. A portable washing machine in the form of a ball works without electricity, and it's not a joke. A special design allows you to simply roll it by hand, while things inside will be erased. For the developed countries of the Western world, this development is not needed. But how many places on earth and people who do not have something like electricity, and even some basic amenities! This project is especially relevant for poor African countries. Just need to give this ball to children, and they play for hours not only will do the laundry, but also have plenty of fun. There remains only one single question: how much will this device cost? After all, with all its advantages, most likely, only a few families from the third world can afford this luxury.

3. Shaking Washer

This miniature washing machine, whichIdeal for hikers or hikers in remote places remote from civilization. It works both from mains and batteries, and from normal shaking. And the more actively shake the shaker, the better the clothes are washed. The manufacturer says that the device is able to clean even stubborn stains. A little detergent, water and effort - and your clothes will smell fresh and shine with purity. However, there is no rinsing and squeezing. Apparently, you will have to perform these operations manually. But if you still have at least batteries, you can turn on the clothes drying mode, and the green indicator will indicate the successful completion of this process.

4. Dismount Washer

First of all, this concept is interesting because,In fact, you do not need to buy a laundry basket. The machine is divided into 2 parts: the first is an electric rotational element built into the wall with a block of programs; The second is a container that is filled with clothing and is put on the nozzle. Not only is the place economized, so also the energy consumption is minimal. Probably, it is thanks to its extraordinary and usefulness that the device became the finalist of the industrial design competition from Electrolux.

5. Mr. Klein

With the reference in the title to the eponymous brandThe creators, as it were, hint at once that it is only possible to wash underwear or very small things in a typewriter. Interesting design and technology of recycling water for washing thanks to innovative filters make this portable device an indispensable assistant on the road.,, Djordje Zivanovic, Jung Seub Lee