My odnushki dvushka

Practical design of a one-room apartment for a family of 3 people

Redo a little odnushku and create from ita full apartment with two rooms is quite a challenge. In this case, it is necessary to donate something or find a way to combine several zones. Once again, Anna Yelina undertook to seek a solution. She graduated from the International School of Design, and then decided to enter a building university in Moscow, which she managed without difficulty. After graduation, she decided to gain experience from the professionals and went to work in the studio “LLC SX - Trading”, and three years later she founded her own design agency. Anna for a fairly short time with great successcreated more than a hundred residential and public interiors. Her pride is the design of the sports club "City Yoga". The new project, on which she worked well, is 45 square meters. Here, the young designer found an excellent compromise that helped make the interior comfortable not only for parents, but also for their children. The designer wanted to create the most comfortable room, where there would be a place for rest and joint spending time of the family with a five-year-old child.


The apartment that needed to be redoneinitially had a free layout. The main task was to conduct zoning and be sure to separate the places for personal use. Therefore, there was nothing left but to turn one-bedroom apartment into a full-fledged two-room apartment.

Customer requests

In addition, customers asked to create zonesso they also wanted the interior decoration to be white, but by no means boring. The room had to be equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable life, with space for games. Clients also wished that there were no chandeliers in the apartment, so it was necessary to carefully consider the lighting.


The style chosen for this apartment is very similar toconstructivism of the early 20th century. This trend originated in the 20s of the last century and replaced the artsy art decor. For this small room it turned out to be the most acceptable and convenient. He says niches in the kitchen of unusual shape, amazing ceiling lights, clear lines on the wallpaper and the absence of unnecessary details.

Lighting and shades

The color scheme was decideduse coral shade, which manifests itself in many details in the kitchen. And for the bedroom chose a rich tone of lime. The most difficult in this project was the creation of lighting. It was necessary to create two rooms from one room, which means that in one of them only lamps would be the source of light. The best, of course, each of us gives the children, so the parents completely agreed that their bedroom should be in the corner. The child was taken to the part of the room where there is a window and, therefore, natural light. In the parent room, in addition to wall sconces, they created additional hidden lighting under the bed. In the living room and the hallway installed built-in lights that form fancy lines. All lighting devices were selected on the Internet resources.

Choosing furniture

Sketches of furniture are pre-sketched on paper,and the client was looking for suitable items from the pictures. Curbstone, which was built into the sink, made by Italian masters. One of the customers works in a company that specializes in the supply of Italian furniture. The bed was made of foam blocks, and was sheathed on top of the tree, then a mattress was laid. Above it is a beautiful canopy, which is similar in style to the bed, and therefore looks harmonious. It also has hidden lights.

Small space solution

The designer decided to increase the space withcombining several functions: the front door also serves as a large mirror, the picture in the kitchen depicting the famous adventurer Corto Malteza is also a clock. This element of the decor was created by sketches of graphics from Italy by Hugo Pratt. But the window sill in the kitchen replaced the table for meals. Storage systems have been carefully planned throughout the house. In the hallway and in the bedroom they installed an amazing built-in wardrobe. But if you pay attention to the living room, you will hardly notice the furniture. Therefore, the room seems much larger.

Items of pride

The main pride of this complex project wasthat the designer managed to realize the wishes of customers and not deviate from the original idea. The customers did everything themselves, and Yelina only supervised, and all consulted together when faced with difficulties. Features are also bright wallpaper in the bedroom, the lack of a familiar bed and a window, on the ceiling - a combination of glass inserts and lighting.