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Project of the week. House near Kiev: natural materials, swimming pool and two berths


How to harmoniously unite a huge innerspace with the surrounding landscape using natural materials - as an example of a country house on the shore of a reservoir The owners of this mansion - a family with a small child - are fond of travel, spearfishing, oriental culture and lead a healthy lifestyle. The author of the interiors in their house managed to combine these diverse preferences into a single ensemble. The object, realized by the Kiev designer Miroslava Misanyuk, is interesting because with what graceful ease the author embodied the idea of ​​the interpenetration of the surrounding nature and the interior, using a minimum of decorative means: natural materials in combination with glass and chrome elements, a combination of black and white, simple laconic forms and solutions. Miroslava Misanyuk, designer of his mainhe specializes in interior design, furniture and accessories design. He manages his own studio, and is also the owner of the All-Ukrainian interior award ART SPAСE in the nomination “Interior of a country house in a modern style over 300 sq. m. ". "In every new project I set a new high bar for myself and strive to surpass myself."

What do we have?

Spacious country house on the shore of a reservoir,located in the suburbs of Kiev. It is viewed by the owners as a permanent home. In addition to the main building, there is a bathhouse, a wine cellar, a security house and two berths on the territory. In the house itself, there is a technical area with a kitchen, laundry, utility rooms and a maid's room. The first floor is occupied by a living room, a home theater, a barbecue room, a swimming pool, a sauna with a hammam, a shower room, a relaxation room, a dressing room and several bathrooms. On the second floor there is a master bedroom with an impressive dressing room and a separate bathroom, as well as a couple of guest rooms.

Customers' wishes

The main task for the author was to createthe most open space connected with the surrounding nature. And this task is perfectly realized with the help of environmentally friendly materials, simple solutions and panoramic windows that let in a maximum of light and air and open up impressive views of the surrounding landscape. At the same time, the interior spaces are designed in a laconic, elegant manner that does not tolerate excesses, there is a minimum of furniture here. Each item in the house, natural materials used by the author in combination with glass and chrome, colors, lines of furniture and accessories are subordinated to a single consistent and balanced design concept.

General concept

The feeling of openness and spaciousness is enhancedthe use of simple linear forms in the interior, and the integrity of perception is facilitated by the play of dominant black and white colors, which concentrates the viewer's attention on bright color accents. The author pays special attention to the unity of the landscape that penetrates the interior through the panoramic windows, and, in fact, the interior space: the natural materials from which the furnishings are made are subjected to minimal processing, representing all the richness of the natural beauty of stone and wood. So, the pool area is decorated with a traditional boat brought from Indonesia, carved from a solid tree trunk. The floors in the house are of natural origin: stone and deck boards have been used here. Glass and chrome elements, which are incorporated into the overall composition, support the overall concept and set off the naturalness.

Let's look into the bedroom

American suite in the master bedroom is complementedGlossy black and white facades and doors with black glass inserts, and complete the ensemble selected in the same monochrome combination of fixtures and fittings. The role of the accent here is played by a beige chair and the works of the modern author, bright in color, over the head of the bed.

Details and decorative techniques

In a huge living room behind a glass partitionthere is a wine storage room, and when the light is on, the silhouettes of wine racks are visible, playing the role of part of the living room decor. The interior of the bar, adjacent to the wine cellar, is made of wine bottles, frozen in a special solution, and serves as a decorative lighting. The "balls" made of exotic woods on the living room floor look great against the background of panoramic windows. The play of black and white can be traced throughout the interior: a white designer sofa against a black floor, black rectangular railings and a white wall, lamps, interior doors alternating in white and black, and even fittings matched to the tone - everything is subject to a single algorithm. Some details used by the author as decorative elements hint at the hobbies of family members. Thus, the pillows by designer Yurko Gutsulyak, decorated with realistic photo printing and bearing images of fish, reflect the head of the family's love for spearfishing. They accentuate the exquisite white sofa in the living room seating area and complete the overall symphony. On the white wall of the staircase on the second floor there is a gallery of bright colorful oil paintings by a contemporary artist, illuminated by decorative lighting. The stair railings are made of glass, which, in combination with panoramic windows, creates a single organic composition. Miroslava Misanyuk, designer: - High ceilings, large panoramic windows overlooking the landscape, a maximum of open space and a minimum of furniture - with the help of these means I achieved a feeling of airiness and fullness of light. Stair railings, doors, fittings, lighting fixtures, wine shelves, bar counter, cabinet fronts, master bathroom bowl, mixer - the shape of each object in the interior is consonant with one another, and each object in it is part of the decor. The root of a tree, a boat carved from a single piece of wood, brought from Indonesia, graced the pool area. Pay attention to the designer table by the sofa: I continued the shape of its legs in the shelves of the wine room. The floors in the house are made of natural stone and wood. At the same time, zoning is carried out using different materials and textures of flooring, lighting, colors and furniture. The landscape design uses trees of an unusual authentic shape, and the paths are paved with roughly cut rock slate.

About the main bathroom

Bathtub in the master bathroom - crafted asthe bowl is a giant monolith, which retains its natural outlines from the outside. Wall-mounted faucets - by Boffi from the Minimal collection by Giulio Gianturco, freestanding faucet near the bath and shower - Axor. The bathroom furnishings are also Boffi, as are the washbasins from the I Fiumi collection by Claudio Silvestrin. The toilet and bidet here are from the Swiss company TM Laufen, the tiles on the wall are TM Sadon from Italy. By the way: the floor is lined with natural pumice, while a large window opens onto the pool area, which visually expands the space and allows daylight to enter the bathroom, and the mirror opposite the window maintains the illusion of limitless space. Miroslava Misanyuk,