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Project of the week. How to turn a Khrushchev into a studio for a single macho

Russian winter - the young lady is harsh and uncompromising. What kind of interior should be that could tame it? That's right, with a real masculine character - warm, eco-friendly and very stylish. This man drives many girls mad. He is very attractive, independent, courageous in his actions and decisions, besides, he is single. Even the interior designer Victoria Lee, who designed the apartment, confessed to us that at first she almost fell in love with her macho customer. Victoria Li, interior designer I love my work, I'm breathing it. For me, there are no styles, there is a puzzle of people, their tastes and life, which simply need to be collected.

Apartment for courageous macho

So, our hero is a young man whoWorks in real estate. Him 30. Energy beats it with a fountain, and he does not like simple solutions in life or in the interior. He is fond of the culture of the Far East, he spends his free time in the mountains, snowboarding, so he is not afraid of cold - he is used to taking the top over the winter. And this man is very freedom-loving, which was mainly reflected in the project of his apartment - it was decided to make a completely studio room. Victoria Lee, interior designer: - Why it can be called brave? For example, even because few people will make a glass door in the bedroom and a podium-bed with lighting. This is decided only by creatively thinking individuals with an unconventional outlook on life.

Features of the layout

When designer Victoria Lee started workOver this project, at its disposal was a standard two-room hruschevka. Given the character of the owner and his freedom-loving disposition, Victoria decided to completely reschedule the space. As a result, all the walls decided to remove and make an apartment-studio. Victoria Lee, interior designer: - Since the customer is single and will not be going to the crown in the near future, we decided that the best option for him would be the studio. This was a good alternative to two small rooms with a separate kitchen, which were originally from here. We got rid of all the walls, but we decided to leave the zoning, for this we used a glass interior partition. It has become a kind of highlight of this interior.

The question of style

Victoria herself characterizes the style of this apartmentAs the Scandinavian eco with a hint of minimalism and high-tech. This choice was due to the customer's wishes - to make a stylish bachelor apartment with hi-tech elements, where natural materials, metal and glass would be used to the maximum. So in the apartment there were stylish metal radiators of heating, a glass partition, ultramodern exhaust and TV on the bracket. Our hero is fascinated with the culture of the Far East, which is why the oriental notes appeared in the interior - wallpapers with the image of the architectural monument of Taiwan.

Peace and balance

Since the young man is very activeA way of life, constantly communicating with people and traveling, his interior was calm and not flashy. Then he wanted to retire from the surrounding world, noisy communication and the change of landscapes. Therefore, the color scale was selected in light colors. It creates a sense of balance, order, peace. Our opinion: - A light tree makes the interior cozy, warm and pleasant. Its texture you want to admire. It's always nice to touch and feel the warmth under your fingers. That is why the tree is ideal for winter interior, especially where the winters are very harsh. In addition, natural wood is one of the best heat and soundproof materials. It is used not only for the floor, but also they cover the walls, ceilings. First, it's beautiful, and secondly - it's practical!

Tips for creating such an interior from Victoria Lee:

  • Every designer desires more courage. As they say, only the brave conquer the sea!
  • If there is such a possibility, be sure to get rid of enclosed spaces and small rooms. They limit freedom and drive into the framework.
  • Work with different finishing materials. Experiment, for example, combine wood, glass and metal.
  • Be a psychologist with every customer. Your task - to hear and understand what he lives or wants to live. Reflect this in the interior.
  • In an ecological style, use only natural materials - no laminate!
  • Visualizer Anatoly Stenzel