The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

Project of the week: what a young man needs for happiness

In each of us there is a thirst for extremeSensations that give delightful emotions and make you feel like a winner. If you are full of energy and strive to conquer new peaks, then this stylish apartment will suit you. The owner of this apartment is a twenty-year-old young man who is extremely interested in the speed in any of its manifestations. Proceeding from this, the designer Evgeniya Ansimova created a dynamic space that seamlessly complemented his lifestyle and hobbies. The aspiration forward, movement and speed - this is how you can describe the general direction in the design of this apartment for a young man. Let's see how it all happened. Yevgenia Ansimova, architect-designer Graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute (MARHI), lived and studied in Italy, where she received her master's diploma in Florence Design Academy. Her projects were presented on the First Channel in the program "Fazenda". Working in different styles and directions, Evgenia likes extraordinary combinations of materials and colors.

Down with the excess walls

Since the customer is an open communicativePeople, and in his house there are often guests, it was decided to create an open plan for expanding the space in the apartment. Therefore, between the living room and kitchen dismantled the wall and installed a structure with a bar counter. Also in the project you can see a lot of designs with broken lines, they are aimed to focus attention on enthusiasm for speed. Yevgenia Ansimova, architect-designer: - Thanks to this redesign, it was possible to create a single space and significantly increase the area of ​​the living room, which acts as a center of attraction for the interests of both the owner and his guests. At the same time, you can watch TV in the living room from the kitchen, which increases the functionality of the room.

High-tech with bright accents

It's no wonder that as a style solution forThis interior was chosen precisely high-tech. After all, it is just like becoming a young and successful people, especially guys, and the latter feel open-hearted sympathy for the hi-tech style. The main color is gray, which is favorably diluted with bright red accents. This allows you to feel the swiftness of the racing car and the performance of risky bends on the asphalt racing track.


Therefore, in the living room with the help of hiddenLED lights on the ceiling highlighted the wooden lines that smoothly rise from the walls. On the wall on the wooden stripes, a sconce with a diffusing vertical light was installed. In the composition of gypsum cardboard built-in spotlight. Above the bar, the Vibia hanging lamps proved to be appropriate. In the kitchen, over the table, the lamps of the Cattelan Italia Hublot were placed at different lengths. In the bedroom, Odeon Light Allen fixtures were installed over the bedside tables. The main source of light in the whole apartment are built-in technical lamps with LED lamps. Evgeniya Ansimova, architect-designer: - The main task of lighting was to emphasize the main concept of the project - speed in all its manifestations.

Furniture and interior items

Entrance hall:

  • Doors - Union,
  • Square mirror - Riflessi,
  • The console is made to order.

Living room:

  • Sofa - factory Cassina, model Mex Cube,
  • Chair - de Sede, model DS 166,
  • Floor lamp - Ligne Roset,
  • Coffee table - Pianca Frame.


  • Table - Emmei factory, Tiago model,
  • Chairs - Panton Chair, manufacturer Vitra,
  • Kitchen - Scavolini Crystal,
  • A sofa with a high back is made to order.


  • Bed - Paysage, wardrobes Tris - Camelgroup,
  • Chest of drawers - Quaia, Como-1,
  • Clock above the bed - Nomon Bilbao.


  • Washbasin and toilet in the guest bathroom, bath - Duravit,
  • Washbasin in the master bathroom - Mindo,
  • Toilet in the master bathroom - Laufen Alessi.

Materials and finishing

Since the style of the apartment is high-tech, the premises are notWeighted with wallpaper. All walls are painted with paint by Benjamin Moore. In the living room and hallway for finishing the walls, White Hills artificial stone "York Bric" was used. As a flooring in the living room and bedroom is a massive oak board, and in the hallway and in the kitchen - gray granite, 60 x 60, with a matte surface. In the bathrooms - granite Atlas Concorde and a mosaic of red color. Evgenia Ansimova, architect-designer: - In this project I managed to fully express the character and main passion of my customer - speed. Ergonomics of space is solved with regard to its open to communication lifestyle. Complex structures and broken lines set the tone for the entire space. Looking at this interior, you can easily imagine a portrait of the owner. And this, I think, is the most important thing.

Tips from Yevgenia Ansimova on the creation of such an interior:

  • Do not overload the interior with a lot of details. It is enough just to place the accents correctly, and the interior will seem light and airy.
  • Stick to the cold gray scale as the main one. You can select an additional color in red.
  • In the kitchen, use glossy facades and a built-in metallic technique.
  • Create a unique composition of the plasterboard shelves. Paint it in tone with the walls, so that it looks with them as one.
  • When using a wooden solid board, do not just limit yourself to the floor. Boldly drag it to the walls and even to the ceiling.
  • Visualization presented by Eugenia Ansimova