The interior of small houses abroad

Small house projects: 10 amazing interiors

In this article we will talk about houses in nature. Already, by definition, it is obvious that these are small dwellings in wild or remote areas, which makes them incredibly charming and attractive for a city dweller who is tired of fuss. And, although such houses are not for everyone, we are sure that you can find some inspiration in these amazing projects.

Tomek michalski cabin

The house in the woods was a project of Tomek Michalski,who designed it as an isolated capsule, a compact shelter where you can hide from the virtual world and rejoin nature. Both the house and its interior have been designed to have minimal impact on the environment and the terrain. Here, there is a strong contrast between the cold dark forest outside and the warm interior inside, from where the forest reveals its beauty to everyone. The house has a minimum of furniture and some books. The interior is decorated mostly with natural materials. There is a fairly modern, but small kitchen, decorated with wood.

Shed 1878

Savioz Fabrizzi Architectes redesigned the shed of 1878, located in a secluded area at an altitude of 1760 meters above sea level in Anzer, Switzerland. All these years, the building has retained its character, despite the modifications and changes that were intended to increase its functionality and comfort. From the windows of the house offers an amazing view of the Alps. Rough stone facades protect the house from the harsh climate. Inside the room is decorated with wood. The house has a large enough kitchen, the room is heated by a solid fuel boiler. Sitting on the couch, you can watch the fire that blazes behind the glass of the heating boiler.


In Petropolis in Brazil, there is a tiny house of 31 square meters. Interior decoration of the house is a bit like a cave. This room is built by the team Architectare. There is a bedroom, a bathroom and a small storage room. At the base of this house is a steel structure lined with imported stones. Although the room is small, its interior is spacious and fresh thanks to its simple design and panoramic windows from floor to ceiling.

In the wild

Olson Kundig Architects in Seattle designed the project for a tiny country house with cedar-clad walls. The shower is located in the open air. Inside the house there is only one room. The floor and ceiling are decorated with wooden panels. Indoors there is a wood stove, a small kitchen and an open toilet. Despite the transparency of the walls, you can not worry about the violation of privacy, a small house on all sides surrounded by tall trees and vegetation.


Wheelhaus is a Wyoming company that offers all kinds of mobile homes. This is a great and affordable solution. Such a house can be easily transported by car. Large windows let in plenty of natural light while maintaining privacy. And the outdoor terraces allow you to enjoy the fresh air. The main idea of ​​this project is comfort and durability. Cabinet furniture is simple but elegant. Since the room is small, a lot of attention is paid to the functionality of the furniture. There is a fireplace in the room, which blends in very harmoniously with the interior. Designers tried to use as many natural materials as possible, for example, they put wooden stumps with candles as bedside tables that look very stylish and harmonious.


Bunkie is a joint project of the companies BLDG and 608 design. This house is designed specifically for vacations in nature. Everything in it meets the needs of a client who would like to get closer to nature and peacefully coexist with the environment. Huge glass windows allow sunlight to freely enter the room. From the windows of a magnificent view of the lake.

Ermitage cabin

On the island of Trosso in Sweden, Paris studio Septembre has designed a beautiful wooden house. It is located on a glade only 50 meters from the North Sea, which is perfectly visible from the windows. The dwelling has a bedroom, a sauna and many charming features. The design of the room conquers with its simplicity at first sight. The walls, floor and ceiling are covered with wood. Thanks to the light shades of the walls and large windows, the room seems to be penetrated by light and warmth. The layout of this tiny building is very simple. Clients wanted their home to have a minimum impact on the environment, including not having to cut down trees for its construction. Sauna serves as a pleasant addition to a comfortable outdoor recreation.

In wild nature

Maxon Architects have developed a number of homes designed to be located in remote and unusual locations throughout the UK. These dwellings are designed to allow residents to be closer to nature, and can be easily moved. In interior design, they used only light colors and natural materials. Simple furniture is functional and comfortable to use. Unusually located windows let in natural light without disturbing privacy.

Glass House

This 21 square meter holiday home is located in the Dutch countryside with beautiful and peaceful views. The modular building has a retractable side wall and several parallel glass walls. You can live in this house all year round, as there is a stove in it. In a small area perfectly located kitchen, dining and recreation area. This modular design inspired a series of other similar buildings that allow customers to choose their own beautiful vacation house.

Vipp shelter

Vipp Shelter is a two-story holiday house. It is distinguished by its expressive stylish design and a small area of ​​only 55 square meters. At the core of its design is a simple lattice structure that lifts a house above the ground. All interior decoration, furniture and decoration items are made by the same company. Luxurious design is made in black. Designers describe it as a hybrid structure, which is not just a home, but it is not a mobile home, but something completely new and unusual.