Public interior: a hospital with a beautiful design


Do you know the hospitals you want to go to?We know! I want to stay in this hospital, get treatment and get better. We have never had such a thing. Today we publish the interior of not an apartment, not a house, or even an office. This is a hospital. A real Moscow hospital, but what kind ... Natalya Zykova, interior designer

A graduate of the Modern School of Design. Work experience - more than nine years. The main specialization is ergonomic planning solutions. Industry specialization - medical clinics and centers of a wide range. More than 100 projects of various objects have been created and implemented, including apartments, individual houses, offices, restaurants, medical centers and clinics. Mistress of the collection of designer furniture and stairs. Works in different styles. Author of articles on ergonomics of premises, soundproofing, types and technologies of modern floor coverings.

- The layout was carried out with a "clean sheet". In the building, all the partitions were dismantled, only the supporting columns remained. Work on the project and implementation was conducted for one and a half years in conjunction with medical technologists.

It was for me, since it involved everythingmemory resources and required daily, almost round-the-clock concentration. Any mistakes would lead to significant financial losses for the customer, so attention was pushed to the limit. Color solution: main color - white.But you shouldn't necessarily equate it with a hospital, my concept was to make a clinic out of “thin air”. involves a system of two corridors. There are glass walls between many offices (advisory) and corridors. They provide matting of the required zones. The idea is supported by the transparency of the building - the sun penetrates the clinic almost through and through all day long and creates the desired feeling of “business transparency”. The thing is that this clinic is one of the most modern in Moscow today, it provides high-tech research, including genetic research, and wants to be open and honest for its clients.

The most memorable "chip" for me personallyis a cardiogram running along the facade, a luminous rhythm of heartbeat. Cardiogram height in the floor, so it is very noticeable from everywhere - the location of the building facing the Third Ring provides a large number of spectators. The idea was very difficult to implement, withOn the side of the street, we had no right to make any light structures, so we had to use all the possibilities from the inside. An LED profile was mounted on the glass from the side of the room, inside which it was placed. And in order to prevent the illuminated office from blocking the light from the tape at night, blackout curtains are provided for the windows. It is now a very recognizable building. Even considering the fact that it does not have any identifying marks like a logo or inscriptions the size of a person's height.