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Pumpkin: 20 autumn ideas that will decorate your garden and porch


Indian summer was canceled, but autumn from time to timestill pampers us with warm days. Why not spend these days on the street? For example, for a cup of hot mulled wine on the porch of a suburban or country house. And so that the last warm money will be remembered for a long time, we advise you to take a closer look at our selection and organize the right autumn atmosphere on the porch in your own style

Autumn is not the time to mourn the summer and mourn. Autumn is pumpkin pies, tart mulled wine and evenings on the terrace surrounded by plaids, pillows and friends with huge hot cups.

Long evenings with leisurely conversations especiallysucceed in the right, well-prepared atmosphere. While meteorologists promise us a few more warm days, we suggest concentrating on the arrangement of a garden, cottage or plot. In extreme cases, you can beautifully draw a porch.

For the correct autumn mood, you will needa little - pumpkins, lively autumn flowers, dried flowers, brushwood and a little bit of entourage. Garden without pumpkin is difficult to find, so we agree that 5-10 pieces of different shapes and sizes you have. Part will go to food in the coming days, part of you decide to drop for a week or two, and a few pieces for various reasons on the table will not go. The last group we propose to paint from a can in a bright shade. If you can pour them with gold, it will be quite cool.

Next, we collect the compositions from the aboveobjects, we arrange on the porch, we add a few closed candlesticks with candles, we hang garlands, we bear on the verandah pillows with plaids and with satisfaction we sigh. Yes, autumn can be beautiful. All in our hands. Of course, leaving all this under the open skyWe do not recommend beauty to you, yet rains are not the best assistant in landscape design. But if your veranda, terrace or porch is reliably sheltered from the weather, then you can get serious with the autumn decorations. For example, do you have a scarecrow? Why not make it a part of the decor of your entrance group? Coupled with the harvest of pumpkins, dried corn cobs and a pair of paper garlands, you can get something crazy beautiful. Try it!