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Railings for the kitchen: photo in the interior, ideas for use, prices

What is a railing? What are they and how to choose them correctly? Today we will answer these questions and tell you how to successfully place the rails in the interior of the kitchen. Properly organized space in the kitchen is the key to creating a delicious meal. Nothing should distract you from the cooking process. It is important that everything is at hand, and you do not have to spend your energy searching for spices, spoons, chefs and other small things. It is not always convenient to use drawers and cabinets. An excellent option in solving this problem is the railing system. Install it in your kitchen. So you will save your strength, time and space. Reiling for the kitchen - what is it? Despite the difficult name, the design is quite simple and convenient for the kitchen. In English, "rail" means "pipe" or "crossbar". Yes, in fact, the rail is a regular pipe, which is fastened on the edge of the table top or under the hanging cupboards, above the kitchen island. On it are placed various kitchen accessories, jars of spices, spoons, towels, flowers and other kitchen utensils. What does such a construction give? Using railing increases the functionality of the working space in the kitchen. She looks cozy, beautiful. And if there are no cumbersome lockers, then it is spacious. The tube is the support for a wide variety of accessories, which are produced in addition to it. The peculiarity of this design is that it is easy to pick up to any size of the kitchen and to any interior. For a small room, the rails are a real godsend. Outwardly, they resemble a cornice, which consists of the main tube element and additional fixing parts (shelves, holders and hooks). Also to the aid are stubs, which give a beautiful view of the structure. Install the plugs on both sides. Additional Details

  • HooksAttached parts are produced in the form of small hooks. It is convenient to place on them mugs, noise, scapula, scissors and ladles. Use this system at your discretion, so it is convenient.
  • Shelves-meshGhorosho use for cleaning and cleaning products, jars of spices, coffee grinders, blenders, mixers. Lovers of flowers can put on them flower pots, and also put fruit.
  • HoldersOn them it is good to place potato mashes,Corncups, culinary spatula. On sale there are rails for towels, spices, fruits, hanging breadboxes, knife holders. Paper towels, food film, foil is also perfectly placed on them. The railing is a great way to decorate the interior with beautiful utensils and other nice things for the eyes.
  • Horizontal or vertical placement method There are two types of rails: horizontal and vertical. The main function of such designs is quick access to all kitchen items. In a small space they allow you to save space and zoning the kitchen. More demanded - horizontal options, less common are vertical models. Vertical view is usually attached to the cabinet and countertop, and in more spacious kitchens, this rail is mounted from the bottom to the floor and from above to the ceiling. Variants of the portable design are possible, so that no holes are made anywhere. Vertical railing is great for rooms with a bar counter. Install the handset in a convenient place for you and fasten all necessary accessories to them. Use hanging elements: holders for wine glasses, a shelf for bottles, a shelf-grid for fruit and spices, a glass for kitchen attributes. All you need is at your fingertips! What do railing and in what style do theyAre appropriate? Designs for the kitchen are made of polymers, wood, aluminum and brass. But the more popular and suitable material for railings is stainless steel. This material is moisture resistant and safely tolerates aggressive chemicals that are used to care for kitchen objects. On sale the rails are chrome plated, with bronze, gold, copper plating, and nickel plated black. Given the variety of colors and materials (glass, plastic, metal, wood) from which hinged shelves and holders are made, it is quite easy to choose them for different styles of interior. Particularly interesting look railing in the rustic style, attached to the ceiling above the kitchen island. So, in addition to pendant holders, hooks and shelves, you can hang ligaments with garlic, onions or dried herbs, baskets. This gives a certain comfort and color to the room. In the classical kitchen with wooden furniture, the railings are suitable for the color of copper, gold or bronze. In modern versions, stainless steel is suitable. On a note!

  • Install the railing wherever it is convenient for you to reach your hand quickly while cooking.
  • Depending on the situation and interior of the kitchen, you can place several small rails in the area of ​​the working triangle. Or hang one corner or long structure.
  • If you place railing under the kitchen cupboards, then the optimal distance from them is an indentation of 8 centimeters.
  • Do not forget about security, especially if you plan on using ceiling structures. Install them securely so that kitchen utensils can not fall and injure you.
  • Apply the basic rule: Those items that you use often, place closer to the work area, and vice versa, those accessories that are rarely used, put on. Say that next to the plate it is more advisable to install a shelf with spices and salt, potholders and lighters. And in the washing area it is better to have a towel handy. For paper towels and food film, purchase a towel holder with a notched edge. It will be easier to tear them away.
  • Spoons, noise, ladles do not place above the stove so they do not get dirty with fat and fumes.
  • Even for a cookbook you can adjust the shelf with the slope of the plate.
  • Railings help the hostess to reduce excess body movements to a minimum, and the process of making food is comfortable and quick.
  • Where can I buy? We present to your attention a small selection of rails, which can be purchased in many cities, and in particular in Moscow. 1. Suspension dryer Monti Price - 961 rubles. R. Brand: Tescoma Магазин: With railing drying from the Czech manufacturer Tescoma, your spoons, knives and forks will always be ready, as they say. Harmoniously looks both in modern and in retro design. 2. Shelf Mix Price - 3 100 rubles. R. Brand: Lemi Магазин: Italians have always been excellent taste. This applies even to the rails. Here is a striking example of a combination of style and practicality from the Italian brand Lemi. Copper-plated double shelf perfectly suited for the style of Provence. 3. Adaptation for spices Wenko Price - from 999 rubles. R. Brand: Wenko Магазин: German brand Wenko offers a convenient system for storing your favorite spices, made of chrome-plated steel. Now they will always be next to you at the birth of a new culinary product. 4. Suspended shelf for plates with a tray The price is 742,30 rubles. R. Brand: Boyard Магазин: Store plates, saucers and bowls much easier and more convenient in such hanging shelves than in cabinets. The most convenient location for such an object is above the sink; Immediately after washing, you can arrange wet plates on the shelf. Water drains, the dishes are dry, and the pan is easy to clean. 5. Holder for foil Panoply Price - 3 792 rubles. R. Brand: Cristel Магазин: A holder for foil - a thing always necessary in the kitchen. We propose to pay attention to the model from the Panoply series of the French brand Cristel. This is an ideal option for an interior in modern style, high-tech or minimalism. 6. Double-row hanger-railing Octopus Price - 451 rubles. R. Brand: Tescoma Магазин: And again our attention was attracted by the Czech Tescoma. This time the railing, which can be hung on the doors of lockers. Conveniently! And besides, if you do not want to clutter up walls with such systems, hide them in the kitchen cupboards is a good idea! 7. Board-railing from IKEA. The price is 1 260 rubles. R. Brand: IKEA Магазин: The Dutch famous brand IKEA is good in that it produces not only furniture, but also a wide variety of handy little things for the interior. In this case it is a rail in the form of a board, made of a birch massif and covered with a special acrylic lacquer. Having a simple design, it carries a large functional load and looks attractive. On the magnetic board you can place your favorite recipes, on hooks - towels and potholders. And use a glass for pencils or kitchen accessories. 8. Stand for the cookbook Price - 1 520 rubles. R. Brand: Brabantia Магазин: Without a cookbook in the kitchen nowhere! Even the most experienced housewives look in their records to refresh them in memory or write down a new recipe. But where to put it, when the working surface is in flour or is busy with food? In such cases, a pendant stand for the Brabantia cookbook will come to the rescue. 9. Reiling Jamie Oliver Price - 737 rubles. R. Brand: Jamie Oliver Магазин: This rail will especially appeal to the fans of the famous "bare chef" Jamie Oliver. It turns out that the virtuoso culinary specialist not only produces television programs, conducts various social programs, opens budget health food restaurants, but also produces useful things for the kitchen. Meet one of the creations of his brand. 10. Set Fissler Price - 13 066 rubles. R. Brand: Fissler Магазин: The Germans know a lot about quality. Confirmation of this - a kitchen set of six items from the German brand Fissler. It is made of stainless steel and is designed for long life. The set includes: a fork for meat, noisy, the holder itself, ladles (2 pieces) and a perforated spatula.,,,,,,,,,