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How to replace purchased products for home care: 10 tips for cleaning various surfaces -


Do not want to sponsor the corporation and water the house with dubious chemicals? Refer to the experience of previous generations and learn the happiness of a budgetary, safe and more than effective harvesting

Do you know how much detergent weunnoticed for ourselves we consume every day? Different sources report different numbers, but this is hardly comforting. We did a little research and found out that most of the chemicals that help keep our homes clean can, and often just be necessary, be replaced with natural products available in any store. We clean the glass

Stock up on newsprint and raw potatoes. Cut potatoes into halves and rub them with glasses. With crumpled newsprint, we erase divorces. Voilà. My dishes

Best in this case helps soda and dry mustard. That's right, nothing else is needed. But there are also adherents of the use of wood ash. Destroy the mold

Fill the spray with two glasses of clean water,Mixed with three tablespoons of vinegar and ten drops of tea tree oil. Well shake the solution, spray on the foci of infection and after a minute wipe the surface with dry matter. Clean the tile

In this case, we again will help the mustard. Dry, of course. We put the powder on the wet surface of the tile, wash it off with water. Either use it as an ordinary dry cleaning agent with a sponge. We clean metal surfaces

Trowels, mixers, chrome parts can easily be cleaned with lemon juice. Do not forget to wear gloves! Clean the microwave oven

We take a glass with water, we dip it into severalSlices of lemon. Turn on the maximum power for 5 minutes. When finished, do not touch the door for another 10-15 minutes. Then open, wipe the inside surface of the oven with a sponge or cloth. Enjoy the cleanliness. Clean the oven

This process will take a little longer thanThe rest, but the result will definitely make you happy. Mix soda with water to the state of gruel, apply to the entire internal surface of the oven and leave it overnight. With the arrival of a new day, wash the soda with clean water. Refreshing the color of the carpet

Vinegar is the best friend of the hostess who has embarked on the ecological way of housekeeping. So, dilute the vinegar with water in a proportion of 1: 3, take the brush and clean the carpet. We clean the toilet bowl

Again, vinegar will help us. This time, undiluted. A separate bonus - concentrated vinegar disinfects. Remove the calcareous deposit

This method is, to put it mildly, exotic and testedWas on small calcareous sediments, but showed itself perfectly. So, we need a cut across the grapefruit. The cut should be generously sprinkled with salt and this "tool" can safely clean the dull consequences of using hard water.