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Redevelopment of a two-room Khrushchev: modern interior studio apartment

How to make a two-room Khrushchev spaciousstudio with several bathrooms and a dressing room? How to make the apartment seem bigger and lighter? Today we will help you deal with these issues on a real example. This project was created for a young unmarried girl who likes to travel, shop and visit beauty salons. She is fond of extreme sports, while very much loves to receive guests at home. The customer could not clearly determine the choice of interior and therefore fully trusted the designer Andrei Gordinsky, relying on his professional skills. What was the result of this? Let's see! Andrey Gordinsky, designer, architect Graduated from the Pridneprovsky State Academy of Construction and Architecture. Having behind him a decade of experience, he founded his architectural and construction company Gordinsky Building & Architecture.

Features of the layout

In general, it was originally a two-roomKhrushchev, but the designer wanted to get rid of tight rooms and create a single space. So I had to completely disassemble the whole apartment and collect it again. As a result, it turned out to be quite a convenient layout, where there is a public area in which you can receive guests, arrange gatherings, and a private area where the landlady has the opportunity to always retire. But they are divided only conditionally, so the kitchen, combined with the living room, flows seamlessly into a small cozy bedroom. The customer did not know what she wanted, but she still had a few wishes. And the main of them - the presence of two bathrooms. The designer took this moment into account and placed one of them in the girl's personal zone, and the second one - next to the entrance, which would be convenient for the guests. Andrey Gordinsky, designer, architect: - Due to redevelopment and consolidation of several rooms, it was possible to increase the amount of light coming through the windows and visually expand the available space. The customer as a result remained 100% satisfied with the result.

Modern boudoir

She very much wanted to have her own personal, femaleTerritory where you could spend a happy day - in other words, she needed a boudoir. And let the window is not far from the seventeenth century, but there is nothing to prevent a certain modern version from being made. Andrei Gordinsky embodied this dream, and a real female paradise turned out. It is difficult to imagine such a place without a dressing room, so for her was allocated a few square meters behind the bed. Thanks to a large mirror on the whole wall, this narrow space does not look cramped. From the dressing room we get into the master bathroom, where the girl can always take a warm bath and relax after a hard day.

Color solution

All the walls in the apartment, except for the bathrooms,are painted in a soft blue tint. With its help the space was filled with air, it became more weightless, thereby it was possible to create an easy and soothing atmosphere. The ceilings are decorated in the same color, this simple reception allowed to erase all borders and made the rooms visually larger, since there is nothing to catch on the eye. Blue is very harmoniously side by side with light gray and white colors, they dilute this monotonous kingdom, make the space more interesting. Andrei Gordinsky, designer, architect: - If the room is bad daylight, I advise you to use colors that do not absorb light. It can be white shades or pale tones: light blue, tender lilac or barely perceptible green. Colors such as red, orange, brown, black absorb light and do not reflect it back, so that in poor lighting the room will look dull and gloomy.

Minimalism in everything

Andrey Gordinsky, designer, architect: - A large number of objects makes the room smaller - if there is no furniture, then there is nothing that divides the space. Therefore, it was decided to stick to minimalism, filling the rooms with only the most necessary. We adhered to the rule: a minimum of furniture, a minimum of decor.

More light!

It's no secret that in small apartmentsvery important role is played by lighting, because this directly depends on the perception of the surrounding space. Therefore, the designer decided firstly to fill the room with natural light from the three stained-glass windows, and only then to supplement them with artificial sources. In all rooms there is a dotted ceiling light, in addition to this, highlighted some specific areas to create comfortable conditions for reading. This is a table lamp next to the sofa and ceiling lights above the bed. Andrey Gordinsky, designer, architect: - Lack of light is lethargy, drowsiness and depression. You can illuminate the room at the expense of glossy surfaces that reflect light, which we actually did. Light parquet board throughout the apartment and furniture perfectly coped with this task, filling the entire space with light. For the windows were chosen light translucent curtains of airy fabric, which perfectly pass the sun's rays. Also, for additional reflection of light, we used mirrors and glass surfaces., visualization Pumpkin K.