The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

Two-room redevelopment: a bright design of a three-room apartment for a young family

Vigorous interiors with a bright palette should notTo be an exclusively eternal holiday. Such spaces can and should be made functional and comfortable for life. Today we will tell about this project. Whatever one may say, minimalist single-colored interiors are good only for adults with a busy business life. Families with young children need color and variety. The architect-designer Elena Bulagina created just such a space, adding to it one more extremely important element - functionality. Elena Bulagina, architect-designer Graduated with honors from Samara State Architectural and Construction University, Architectural Faculty. Has behind it a lot of realized projects of residential and public premises in Moscow, Samara, Kaliningrad, Vladivostok and other cities of Russia, as well as near abroad (Kiev). Many of Elena's works were published in glossy architectural magazines: "Best interiors", "Beautiful apartments", "Ideas of your house", "Redevelopment". Now Elena works as a leading architect and designer in the architectural office "Capital", Moscow.


A young married couple with a young son has acquiredTwo-room apartment typical layout. When carrying out the planning decision of the apartment, the architect-designer Elena Bulagina proceeded from the following theses:

  • Young parents need a bedroom, which was given additional functionality, namely, a mini sports complex and a compact workplace were organized;
  • The baby also needs a separate room;
  • In the apartment it was necessary to design the living room;
  • It was necessary to increase the space of the bathroom, placing there a full-sized washing machine with a size of 60 x 60 and closed shelves for detergents;
  • Designing a separate spacious dressing room;
  • Organization of a winter garden and hookah.
  • Remodeling

    The typical layout has undergone a number of changes. Firstly, the large room was divided by a partition into two unequal parts. The room with the window was decided to be used as a nursery. Room without natural light - under the living room. Secondly, Elena Bulagina decided to combine the bathroom with a bathroom and a corridor leading to the kitchen. Thanks to this decision, it was possible to significantly increase the area of ​​the bathroom, which in turn allowed placing a washing machine there, and the space above the machine used for household needs. The loggia was decided to be turned into a rest room, previously insulated and placed there a winter garden and a hookah. On the balcony adjoining the parents' bedroom, it was decided to equip the dressing room, for this, the necessary insulation of the walls and ceiling was made, and electric mats for heating were installed on the floor.

    A task

    The architect was faced with the task: Turn a standard apartment with all the nuances of standard housing in a modern comfortable multifunctional apartment that meets modern requirements for the comfort of housing, with a bright, cheerful, emotional interior design.


    Chandelier in the children's room - Artemide, lamps- Leucos. The bed in the bedroom is specially highlighted from the bottom, this creates an effect of weightlessness. For the kitchen, the designer has developed several lighting options - over the dining table are five eaves, emphasizing the primary colors of the interior, it's red, blue, yellow and white. Behind the ceiling box is a hidden LED lighting. On the ceiling, you can see the ceiling lights of the overhead type, creating an association of the light path leading from the corridor to the loggia.


    Elena Bulagina in the interior of the apartment widelyUses wallpaper. In the living room, on the wall behind the sofa - an abstraction, in the color scheme including the color of the floor ceramic granite under the massive board, and the color of the rug and sofa cushions. In the nursery - a magical fairy city, in the bedroom - a futuristic abstraction on the theme of outer space, in the bathroom - a rhino that breaks the barrier.


    Entrance hall - wardrobe, hanger, shoe cabinet(Russia); Kitchen, loggia - kitchen "Stylish kitchens" (Russia), tabletop Corian, appliances in the kitchen - Bosch, kitchen chairs and table - Calligaris (Italy); Bedroom - double bed Lukas (Cattelan, Italy); Dresser and table - Morelato (Italy), living room - sofa, factory "8 March" (Russia), chest of drawers and shelves - IKEA, children's furniture - Colombini (Italy).

    Decor and Textiles

    The children's room on the floor is roundA mat of the firm Haba (Germany), in the bedroom - a dressed hide, in the living room - a gray mat with white and blue drops. In the living room - a sofa in red, and the color of the pillows is chosen for contrast. Elena Bulagina, architect-designer: - To create a bright modern interior, you need not be afraid to use contrasting materials and different in texture, which at first glance may seem incongruous to you. Find your ways of solving the creation of the interior, do not always go through the torn path, experiment and embody your ideas, observations.


    When choosing a style and color scheme in the interiorApartment designer based on the lifestyle of customers. Their energy, active lifestyle, life optimism could not be better suited to a bright and contrasting interior. Therefore, the spectrum of colors in the interior of the apartment is quite wide. To create a fresh, "unheard" interior Elena Bulagina uses outrageous items: it's a boxing pear in the bedroom, a panel with a rhinoceros in the bathroom, in the kitchen - a dining table and a wall clock in the form of drops.


    The tasks that were solved during the project:

    • For parents and the child it was possible to design separate rooms, thus still there was a place for a drawing room;
    • The parents' room is now a full-fledged multifunctional space - this is the bedroom, and the sports corner, and the working area;
    • Increased the area of ​​the bathroom;
    • The loggia was insulated, which allowed to organize a new resting place with a winter garden and hookah;
    • The balcony in the bedroom is insulated and turned into a dressing room.


    For the implementation of this project, from the time of design to finishing works and furnishing, it took six months.