The apartments are 45-90 sq.m.

Reshaping the apartment. White interior in Scandinavian style

Reshaping a one-room apartment, we turnits shortcomings in the dignity - and we get a chic two-room apartment. Repair for a little money - always a problem for the owners of the apartment. I want the interior to look neat and attractive, but a modest budget limits many desires. The landlady of this apartment wished to make a real candy from a typical odnushki, then to rent it out, while there were not so many funds for the project. For help, she turned to the studio "Dvekati". The authors of the project Katya Mamaeva and Katya Svanidze decided to create an interior in Scandinavian style - one of the most accessible and democratic. The apartment was very stylish. When redevelopment had to beat such obstacles as the ventilation duct, the uncomfortable arrangement of windows and the bearing partition between them.

Dreams of the customer

Convenient layout, a sufficient number of systemsStorage - this is only part of the tasks that the customer has formulated. The authors of the project placed a roomy closet in the hallway (by transferring the washing machine to the opposite side in the bathroom), they made a more spacious dressing room. The configuration of the kitchen also changed: the working surface was extended at the expense of the window sill (its level was corrected with the replacement of the double-glazed windows).

Features of redevelopment

This apartment was an empty boxan area of ​​56 square meters. But the picture was corrupted by a bearing wall (of considerable size, by the way) between the windows and the ventilation shaft located in the middle. Another drawback - two close to each other on one wall are two windows. To build a wall between them was impossible, since half of the apartment would simply be deprived of natural light. Therefore, it was decided to keep the studio apartment and let in a maximum of light. Since the apartment had a free layout, the designers managed to make a one-piece kopeck piece, separating the bedroom from the living room. This was due to the partition, which transmits daylight and is made of frosted glass. The bedroom is not completely isolated. There is a separate passage to the hall, which provides easy access to the bathroom. Nearby, behind the sliding door - a roomy dressing room. The bearer of the space seemed to be completely useless and less functional. But from the lack of it turned into an advantage - increased, resulting in a roomy display case for dishes, which also separates the living room from the kitchen. The ventilation duct, located in the middle of the apartment, did not interfere with the creation of a cozy atmosphere. It was reduced and as if dissolved in the interior, painted in a general tone of the apartment. Our view: - As you can see, shortcomings, if desired and good imagination, can always be turned into advantages, even with a small amount in your pocket. Bearing the partition is now a functional part of the interior, and the ventilation box has even become a certain definition of the dining area.

Stylistic solution

Since the apartment was supposed to be rented,The basis of this interior was a unified Scandinavian design. If desired, tenants can fill the interior with objects to their taste and preference.

Delicious color

No bold and bright accents - one of theconditions that the customer has expressed. Proceeding from this, the neutral color was taken as a basis for the color decision, but not as beaten as beige, but "tasty" and beloved by everyone from childhood a shade of cream-brule.

The highlight of the interior

There is an author's highlight in this project -decorative panel "shadows of trees", located on the wall in the living room area. In general, muted tones and natural motives a priori can not irritate potential tenants, and will also be combined with their individual interior items.

Accents as accents

The Scandinavian eco-motive passes through the wholeinterior. In the living room area it is supported by a natural floor made of solid wood (as in the bedroom), which echoes with the wooden legs of the chairs located in the dining room area. The natural freshness of the interior is given by a mint-colored wall behind a white glossy kitchen. She can be seen through the glass apron. Ecotema is perfectly visible in the bathroom, where brown is chosen as the main color, and it is known to be one of the key in eco-style. Mint top and niches dilute the monotony of the room, refreshing it. Shower cabin is made in light shade, which is advantageous for its visual increase.

Materials, Brands, Finishing

  • kitchen and appliances - IKEA;
  • window sills, kitchen top, bar counter - artificial stone Staron;
  • chairs - "Ogogo obstanovochka";
  • floor - massive board Parketoff;
  • porcelain stoneware in the kitchen area - Atlas Concorde, Collection Time;
  • tile in the bathroom - Cinca Tech;
  • plumbing - Ideal Standard.

Tips for creating a budget Scandinavian interior from the studio "Dvekati"

  • The traditional background Scandinavian color is white. If you want to add a little shade, choose not beaten beige, and warm creamy or cold, dusted gray. Against this background, contrasting furniture and interior items will also look spectacular.
  • Scandinavia - for environmental friendliness in everything, so inFinish must be present natural materials: wood, plywood, flax. In the case of a limited budget, you can choose something from inexpensive collections on sales, but it must be natural materials.
  • If you want to bring color to the interior, select the natural scale in fragments. For example, herbaceous-green, sky-blue, egg-yellow - they do not bother with constant contemplation.
  • Use in decorative trim motifsnature, outlines of branches of trees, grass, floral patterns. Also the Scandinavian style adores geometry - monochrome rhombuses on decorative pillows will perfectly support smooth lines of natural motifs.
  • Photos are provided by the studio «DVEKATI»