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Rocking chair in the interior: interesting patterns and tips on choosing


Rocking chair - furniture that is associated withwarmth, peace and pleasant autumn evenings. We offer you to enjoy the beauty of the best models, take an excursion into history and learn a number of interesting facts about this piece of furniture. Autumn is the time for heartfelt conversations by the fireplace, evening gatherings with the closest people. Why not spend them in a rocking chair? And not necessarily by the fireplace, you can just wrap yourself up in your favorite blanket and even all alone get good emotions from a slight swaying. According to psychologists, this type of meditation is pleasant for a person, because it is associated with childhood and a mother, who rocked and soothed and soothed. Be that as it may, a rocking chair is a versatile and stylish piece of furniture that many people like, including designers who design all kinds of interior items. We could not miss the opportunity and not prepare a selection of the best, in our opinion, models. Admire, enjoy, be inspired!

Riddle of origin

Until now exact place and date of originthis invention is unknown. The name of the first creator of the rocking chair is also covered with the shadow of time. Americans are just a fan of such furniture and are sure that this is the "handiwork" of Benjamin Franklin. You can often find a wicker model in a country interior. Although some sources refer to the fact that such chairs were often found in North America, among the indigenous people of these lands. At the same time, the British are not inferior to the Americans. They claim that the idea for this piece of furniture was taken from a baby cradle. The time of the spread of the rocking chair across Europe and America also coincides - on both continents it remained at its peak of popularity throughout the 18th century. Sometimes the Swedes also try to ascribe the primacy to themselves.the invention of the rocking chair. It just so happened that people here loved him very much, which is proved by numerous models from Scandinavian designers. A fat point in the dispute was put by the German Michael Thonet, when, having finalized the design of the chair, he made it mass production and accessible to many. From the middle of the 19th century until now, quality armchairs have been produced under the Thonet brand.

The taste and color of comrades ... there!

If earlier rocking chairs were exclusivelywooden, today you can find models even made of metal and plastic. Solid wood, rattan, vine, reed are the most common materials. And what can we say about design, styles, colors, shapes! Eyes run straight. For example, a violin-shaped armchair, vintage models in the style of the 60s and 70s, shabby chic models, the famous "ski" by Charles and Ray Eames (Charles and Ray Eames).

Where to put - a universal choice

This piece of furniture is also good for what is suitable forThe interior of any room, whether for children (where such an armchair is especially relevant) or a living room, even a bedroom or an office. Often he is put on the terrace to admire the beautiful sunsets, giving himself completely to the embrace of bliss. And here there are a few nuances. Depending on the room in which the chair will be located, it is worth choosing the type of material from which it will be made. For example, for a balcony or terrace, wicker models are more suitable, for spacious rooms filled with sun - specimens of cherry or cedar. If you need an armchair for a fireplace, then in such a situation look solid chairs in a classic design, from oak or maple, supplemented by a pillow and a blanket.

On a note!

  • When choosing an armchair, make sure that it is sufficiently resilient and strong.
  • Do not hesitate to swing on it right in the store. You should be comfortable. If you feel tension in your legs or back - with such an armchair you will not have a good rest.
  • Make sure that the model is stable when rocking and does not tip over.
  • Armrests should be at a convenient height for you and have a sufficient width so that you can easily place your hands on them.
  • And of course check the model for integrity, so that it does not have punctures, tears and other defects.