Apartments more than 90 sq.m.

White romantic interior with lots of ideas

The interior of this house is romantic and unpretentioussimultaneously. If you dreamed of something Scandinavian, but not cold, you should take a closer look at the decor of this house. There are no complex decisions here, but there is a lot of charm. The design project of this house was created with love and a careful approach to space. The interior is designed in, the main color of the room is white, and the walls, floor and ceiling are finished with clapboard. But incredible decor techniques, bright accents, shabby chic of objects make the interior special and romantic.

To fall under the spell

The stylish interior of this house is mesmerizing.In all rooms, the white color of the walls, floor, ceiling and even furniture was chosen as the basis. Only the texture changes: matte or glossy, plastered walls or decorated in a traditional Scandinavian style. Our opinion: - The white background of the premises made it possible not to hesitate in choosing furniture, accessories and decor. Despite the dramatic combination of white finishing and black décor, the interior was cozy and charming. White here reflects and emphasizes, and the main role in this artistic interior is played by dark accents and decor.

Flows of air

In the living room, besides the large windows, there is no familiarThe ceiling of the room is connected to the second floor. And bare walls are used as a support for lonely cabinets and decorative objects. Thanks to the fact that the furniture stands along the walls, in the middle of the room the artistic structure of the floor is clearly visible. Stand out and the ladder of rough metal, but it does not spoil the cozy mood of the living room, because it retains fluffy pillows, wicker baskets and furniture, a fireplace and items made of natural materials.

Chic 60's

The kitchen in this house is made with elementsclassic and frankly country style. And it seems to be still in Scandinavia, but there are elements of Provence. White wood furniture with floral motifs, high-backed chairs, stainless steel kitchen appliances - everything is imbued with a French aesthetic. And the general atmosphere is diluted by the SMEG refrigerator in the style of the 60s and a gas stove - and there is so much nostalgic charm in it!

Behind the scenes

This family house has nooks and cornerssecluded rooms. And in each of them there is a decorative object that plays the main role, whether it is a completely black piano or a table on high legs in the Art Deco style, or an antique mustard color sofa. The bedroom is true to white, and it still has the same amazing combination of details. Canvas curtain for the wardrobe contrasts with an old fireplace. Our opinion:- In the bedroom, as in other rooms, the doors carry not only a functional load, but also a stylistic one. They seem to invite guests to this theater of white and black. And outside it is surrounded by nature, and the view from the windows reminds of an equally beautiful reality. The black decor inserts in this house are amazing. For example, black textiles fit so organically into a white bathroom with brickwork. The avant-garde tone of the towels echoes the abrasion of the decorative door and makes the interior harmonious.