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Room on the balcony: 6 options for developing a tiny territory -

Balcony as a separate room is not a dream, but quiteA real variant of expansion of living space. In this article we will tell you how to turn this tiny space into a bedroom, an office or just a rest room. Usually, a balcony is not considered as an independent room and is used at best for occasional contemplation of beauties outside the window, and at worst as a warehouse of unnecessary things and rubbish. Nevertheless, having shown a little imagination, any balcony can be turned into an absolutely charming space for rest. This is our today's collection of articles. Articles on the topic of rigorous requirements for the balcony to make it into no, but still better, if it is insulated or heated, and the view from the window will not open to the industrial complex or swamp. Everyone wants to have a place for privacy andRecreation, but how, and most importantly - where to equip such a place in the conditions of our modest dwellings? Do not know? But the lucky owners have probably already guessed. Your hands and mind are drawn to the balcony as the main storage room in the house? Well, let's not plunge your restless mind into stress and give it to you,.

We will never tire of telling you aboutCharms and possibilities of balconies. Consider that our editorial office wants to save all the balconies of this world from slavery. And it's worth it! Believe me, when you first drink a cup of coffee, sitting on a cozy tiny stool and peering into a familiar landscape, but now a completely different landscape, you will thank us for the aching back, for the sawdust, and for the tiresome search for that table, Pillows, floor lamps, etc.

Related articles Balconies and loggias - sourceAn inspiration for every citizen and a strategic reserve of useful footage. And let BTI consider it with a lowering coefficient. Any broker knows: the suitable size of the balcony and a good view from the window saved not one deal. On the way to a full living space there are only two obstacles - strict legislation (subject for a separate publication) and a severe Russian climate. The last trouble is easy to overcome - there are a lot of proposals for the insulation of balconies and loggias on the market. How in them to understand? Summer is a wonderful time of the year, when onlyBecomes a little more. More sun, more rest, more positive emotions. All this, by the way, you can get, if you create a bedroom on the balcony or balcony. However, this version has its pros and cons. What kind?