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The rules of design: how to decorate a bedroom in a Scandinavian style

In this article we will tell you how to create a cozybedroom in the Scandinavian style, which not only contributes to the restoration of strength, but every morning will raise your spirits! In this article, we have selected for you ten variants of the most stylish bedrooms. All of them are made in the Scandinavian style, but each has its own character - thanks to the details, in which, as is known, the whole point.

Rule 1. Calm colors

Scandinavian style in principle does not distinguish violentcolor palette, and this is to our advantage. A colorful multicolor in the sleeping area can negatively affect your nervous system and interfere with a healthy sleep. But white and warm light shades contribute to this. You can go further and surround yourself exclusivelyblack and white. Straight lines, geometric shapes and contrast combinations - this bedroom is suitable for a person who is used to keeping everything under control. There is an exception to any rule. Despite the elements in the form of a decorative brick wall, painted in a muted blue, this bedroom does not look gloomy or overwhelming. An interesting lamp of geometric shape, motivating a poster with a bright font and a small plant on a bedside table made of wood - in this interior you can feel an amazing harmony.

Rule 2. Correct lighting

The absence of natural light and excessive infatuation with wall sconces will not benefit either the room or the people who will live there. But first things first.

Natural light

If you are a happy owner of largewindows, try not to obstruct the movement of natural light. Heavy and curtains just do not fit. Curtains should be made of light, transparent materials. Pay attention to natural fabrics - linen or cotton. Opinion of the editorial office: - It is not customary in our country to leave the windows "bare", but the Scandinavian style also suggests such an option. The boldest can get rid of the windowsill as well - the room immediately gets a completely different look. And if it's not about the apartment, but about your own, then nothing restricts you. Such a sleeping place in the attic looks like a dream.

Additional light sources

Chandeliers, floor lamps, sconces and floor lamps are notonly fill the room with light in the dark, but will also become successful elements of the decor. Clear silhouettes, contrasting with light walls, look very organic.

Rule 3. Some furniture


The main place in the bedroom is a bed. It should not be too broad or too high, but nobody can experiment with the number of bedspreads and pillows.

Storage places

Avoid cumbersome cabinets stuffed with things, ohalf of which you do not even remember. A small bedside table or table, a rails for clothes, a neat pendant locker - that's enough. And if you can not do without cabinets, let them be built-in or low, with white doors or fabric curtains. Sometimes it is better to leave more space.

Rule 4. Relevant decoration

It all depends on the mood that you want to settle in the bedroom. However, there are several common methods.

  • The wall at the head of the bed can be highlighted with color, texture or an unusual bright pattern.
  • Pictures and posters that are integralcomponent of the Scandinavian style, can be placed in different ways. Pictures in the frames will give the room a completed look, and chaotically posted posters will point to the creative nature.
  • At your disposal is a variety of decorativeelements. Knitted cushions and cloaks, single flowers in pots, a vase with dried plants, an unusual candlestick, a stack of glossy magazines - and this list can be continued.
  • Opinion of the Editorial Board: - Do not try to fill the room with a collection of unusual things, even if they fit the style. Select a few items that you really like or are important to you. Do not turn your house into an exhibition gallery, but a bedroom - even more so. And this is how a child's bedroom in the Scandinavian style can look. After all, good taste should be planted from childhood!