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The rules of cleanliness: order in the house - order in life. Interior Ideas

Order in the house can change life, you knew? Not the order itself, of course, but useful habits that lead to it. How this is possible and why it will necessarily happen, read in our new material

Who likes to start a weekly two-hourcleaning, that cyborg. Modern man, having worked on service to the teeth grinding, perceives every day off as a state holiday. He is sacred to him. The thought that from blessed days will have to be torn away for several hours and toss them on the altar of purity, causes hardly restrained outbursts of indignation and as a result becomes another cause of stress. Hence, lack of sleep, gray hair, wrinkles and other "joys" of premature aging.

What to do? And everything is very simple, you just need to accustom yourself to do four simple things every day. 1. Night watch

Most of our contemporaries hate youThe morning hours are more than dentists, taxes and news releases. The alarm bell tears us from the world of absolute comfort and throws into the reality of responsibility, complex decisions and chronic fatigue. In this case, the situation in which we meet a new day is extremely important. And if in the morning we are waiting for a mountain of unwashed dishes, clothes scattered from the evening and smelling of debris with a debris, then the day will almost certainly be akin to the interior.

So that every morning does not turn into a continuous streamirritation and self-flagellation, we propose to acquire a very useful habit - to walk around the house an hour before bedtime and lay out everything that it requires. And also to wash dishes, put dirty things in the laundry basket, take out the garbage and inspect the contents of the refrigerator for freshness. Believe me, as soon as the duty becomes a habit and the morning conditions no longer cause irritation, you will note for yourself a completely new and perhaps long-forgotten feeling of joy of awakening. 2. Looking to the future

You have been looking for a spare charge for a very long, razvoroshili inner world of several boxes and boxes. Having discovered the necessary wire, you with satisfaction connected it to a source of energy and went to walk the dog. What's wrong? Are you sure that when you return, you will return everything to your places? Perhaps you want to make a couple of calls from a recharged phone? Then check the mail, write a couple of messages and take a picture of the suddenly blooming cactus. After that, you will almost certainly go to make tea.

Do you feel the logical chain that held down your life? You can only break the vicious rings in one way. Always, regardless of employment and the level of internal energy potential, return things to where you took them. Do not leave everything for the "Night Watch" period, it is needed not only for this. Free yourself and your house from the mountains of the necessary things that were not at that time in the wrong place. 3. Controlled asceticism

Those of us who had a massunrealized material fantasies, probably still like to collect meaningless collections of trash on the shelves. Beautiful figurines, postcards, dozens of pencils and pens from hotels and countless boxes, cups and plates to keep all this dust collecting splendor.

Did you recognize yourself? Now accept the harsh truth - these things do not make your life better. With their help, you try to heal the wounds inside, and at first you get it, but then you need a new dose. In this situation, the best medicine will once and for all accept for itself a simple truth - from this world we will take with us only three things: emotions, memories and what we gave to others. The conclusion is simple, and you probably already did it. 4. The path of a thousand li

The first step is always the most difficult. It is postponed, pictured in the imagination as something unrealizable or, conversely, devalues. However, on the way to a new, better life of your interior, such steps will be pretty much. Firstly, you will have to learn not to drop your shoes off the threshold, do not hang clothes on chairs, do not leave a cup with unapproved tea on the table, wipe the spray and clean the crumb immediately after their appearance, and the most important is never again to seek excuses for yourself. Washing dishes in a state of exhausted indifference - the action is akin to meditation, in fact, it's free psychotherapy, putting in order thoughts and exposing the most important in an endless stream of everyday life.